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Mennonite Community Cookbook
65th Anniversary Edition


This “grandmother of all Mennonite cookbooks” brings a touch of Mennonite culture and hospitality to any home that relishes great cooking. Mary Emma Showalter compiled favorite recipes from hundreds of Mennonite women noted for their excellent cooking into this book of more than 1,100 recipes. This updated edition adds all new color photography and a brief history while retaining all of the original recipes and traditional Fraktur drawings. First published in 1950, Mennonite Community Cookbook has become a treasured part of many family kitchens. Available 2/2/2015. Participate in contests and more at the Mennonite Community Cookbook blog.

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[Meditations for the Expectant Mother]

Meditations for the Expectant Mother

Encouraging and inspiring devotions are the perfect companion for Christian moms-to-be during the emotional ups and downs of pregnancy. Each practical meditation speaks to the heart of expectant mothers, giving them confidence and insight as they walk with God through this life transition, and prepare to welcome their babies into the world.


Ellie's People, Book 3

Rachel, a Mennonite girl, wants to become Amish. When she spends summers with her Amish grandparents, Ellie and David Eash, she feels like she belongs. Will Rachel listen to her siblings and friends, who think she should drop her dream of becoming Amish, or will she follow her desire to become Amish, which is starting to feel like God's will?

Mennonite Quarterly Review


MennoMedia has partnered with The Mennonite Quarterly Review to make the January 2015 issue of MQR available in ebook format.

This particular issue of The Mennonite Quarterly Review is devoted to the theme of sexual abuse—and the related motifs of discipline, healing, and forgiveness—within the Mennonite Church, with a particular focus on the controversy surrounding the actions of its most widely recognized theologian, John Howard Yoder (1927-1997). Click here.

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Confession of Faith in a Mennonite Perspective

Confession of Faith in a Mennonite Perspective
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