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A Declaration On Peace

In God's People the World's Renewal Has Begun
A Declaration On Peace

Series: John Howard Yoder Series
By authors: John Howard Yoder, Eugene F Roop   Edited bys: Douglas Gwyn, George Hunsinger
Product Code: 3541
ISBN: 9780836135411
Pages: 112
Binding Information: Paper
Size: 7.63 x 5.19 inches

Publication Date: 1/4/1991

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Many Christians have become increasingly sensitive to the destructiveness of war. They are recognizing war’s limited ability as a public policy instrument. They are acknowleding the social, economic, and spiritual consequences of preparing to wage war. These concerns have begun to revive the conscience of the church in new ways.

This text contends that peacemaking is essential to Christian discipleship. It is the vocation of the church as a whole. Moving beyond the traditional debate around “pacifism,” This statement seeks dialogue concerning a renewed vision of the entire purpose of God in the world.

In A Declaration on Peace, Brethren, Friends, Mennonites, and the Fellowship of Reconciliation seek conversation with Christians everywhere on peace, war, militarism, and justice. The book offers an ecumenical dialogue on the morality of war grounded in a biblical vision common to all Christian communions.

Herald Press and John Howard Yoder

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  1. The Priestly Role ... 17
  2. The Prophetic People ... 27
  3. The Discerning People ... 33
  4. The Royal Servant People ... 41
  5. Conclusion ... 51
  6. Appendices
    • Peace Is the Will of God ... 53
    • The Church, the Christian, and War ... 79
    • 40 Years of Ecumenical Theological Dialogue Efforts on Justice and Peace Issues by the Fellowship of Reconciliation and the "Historic Peace Churches" ... 93

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