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All Right Now

Finding Consensus on Ethical Questions
All Right Now

By author: Timothy J Geddert
Product Code: 9418
ISBN: 9780836194180
Pages: 230
Binding Information: Paper
Size: 8.00 x 5.00 inches

Publication Date: 7/27/2008
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Puzzling issues are dividing the church. Is your congregation seeking consensus? How should you begin? With this book Timothy J. Geddert can help your church find what he calls the “middle way” between rule-oriented legalism and irresponsible freedom in which anything goes. Geddert shows how Scripture can be effectively examined in reaching ethical decisions. His study of a few controversial issues demonstrates how the discerning community can work toward consensus.

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"Geddert tackles multiple current moral issues while also offering guidance in biblical interpretation and communal discernment as God's covenant people. Our western culture is marked by much diversity, in church and world, on the topics he addresses. In readable style, Geddert charts a path to work on these difficult and often divisive issues. The book's scope is impressive. . . . . A good resource for small-group study."

--Willard Swartley, Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary

"Timothy Geddert treads on the toes of 'conservatives' and 'liberals' alike as he looks for a biblical, common-sense, middle way through the minefields of hot-button ethical issues on which no consensus presently exists. This is a fine book that communicates real substance in ordinary language."

--Lareta Finger, Messiah College

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