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Selected Primary Sources

Series: Classics of the Radical Reformation Series
By author: Walter Klaassen
Product Code: 1241
ISBN: 9780836112412
Pages: 360
Binding Information: Paper
Size: 8.50 x 5.50 inches

Publication Date: 8/8/1981

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Walter Klaassen gathered and translated this comprehensive book of selections drawn from writings and statements of 37 sixteenth-century Anabaptists. The selections are arranged under topics such as Baptism; Church; Nonresistance; Jesus the Word; Government; Cross, Suffering, and Discipleship; and Relations to Other Christians.

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"The book is a useful tool for pastors, teachers, and for individuals who have a special interest in getting mroe closely in touch with the primary experiences and thinking of the sixteenth-century Anabaptists." —James C. Juhnke, Bethel College (Kansas)

"There are still relatively few sixteenth-century Anabaptist materials available in the Enligsh language, though their number is increasing. This book will facilitate specific theological study of issues which might be impossible for the uninitiated reader." —C. J. Dyck, Editor, Classics of the Radical Reformation

Gathering at the Hearth
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Product SubTitle: Stories Mennonites Tell

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Skippack School
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Rachel, A Hutterite Girl
SKU:  9119
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What Mennonites Believe
SKU:  3542
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Key To The Prison
SKU:  1813
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