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Andy, New Edition

Ellie's People, Book 6
Andy, New Edition

By author: Mary Christner Borntrager
Product Code: 3633a
ISBN: 9780836136333
Binding Information: Paperback / softback
Size: 8.00 x 5.00 inches

Publication Date: 10/13/2015
Availability: In stock.

Paperback / softback
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Andy Maust likes to write poems, and he’s not good at running or wrestling or any of the other activities that Amish boys enjoy. The other boys tease him mercilessly, and then Andy’s dog disappears in a mysterious way. Drifters are roaming the country on trains, looking for work and a hot meal, and Andy begins to imagine running away from his troubles. He decides to catch a train to somewhere—anywhere—where he can be himself. Will Andy find contentment and peace in his new life, or will God call the prodigal home?

Book 6 of the Ellie’s People: An Amish Family Saga series. Ages 10 and up.

The ten books of the Ellie’s People series, beloved classics among young and old readers in Amish and Mennonite communities, are now available for today’s reader. Author Mary Christner Borntrager grew up Amish and based her novels on events in her Amish childhood. Fans of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House on the Prairie series will love learning to know spunky Ellie and her friends and family.

What’s new in the Ellie’s People series:

  • Pennsylvania Dutch glossary at the end of each book
  • A sample chapter from the next book in the series
  • Language and examples updated for today’s readers

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1. The Drifter
2. Smokehouse Home
3. Faraway Places
4. He's Gone!
5. Fish Rock Creek
6. The Agreement
7. An Extra Hand
8. Torn Britches
9. No Doghouse Yet!
10. Old Salty
11. Billy Goat Surprise
12. Horseshoe Cave
13. Snow Boots
14. One Bad Egg
15. A Good Trick
16. The Big News
17. Who’s to Blame?
18. What about Andy?
19. Life of a Rover
20. Hopping a Freight
21. Put Your Back to It!
22. The Prodigal Returns
23. No Greener Grass
24. The Road Back
25. The Answer
Pennsylvania Dutch Glossary
Andy’s Family Tree
Excerpt from Sarah
The Author

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