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Apart and Together

Mennonites in Oregon and Neighboring States, 1876-1976
Apart and Together

Author: Hope Kauffman Lind
Product Code: 3106
ISBN: 9780836131062
Pages: 416
Binding Information: Hardcover

Publication Date: 6/16/1990
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Hope Kauffman Lind tells of the first hundred years that Mennonites and related groups spent in Oregon and neighboring states.

A theme present in the early history of Mennonites in Oregon was their need for congregations with strong leaders. The tension between individualism and church community surfaced and recurred within all Mennonite groups. Oregon's distance from the larger centers of Mennonite thought and life contributed to this tension. During that century all Mennonites made accomodations to their surrounding society, some more than others. Change produced discord, stress, even division. But it also brought freshness and growth to Oregon Mennonites.

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