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Ask Third Way Cafe

50 Common and Quirky Questions About Mennonites
Ask Third Way Cafe

Author: Jodi Nisly Hertzler
Product Code: 38669
ISBN: 9781931038669
Pages: 84
Binding Information: Paper

Publication Date: 10/31/2009

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Collecting 50 of the common and quirky questions about Mennonites the Mennonite-related Third Way Café website,, has received over the years, Ask Third Way Café also records straight-up, no-nonsense answers. Mennonites will find it helpful and interesting to know what other people wonder about them. And anyone new to the Mennonite church or simply curious about Mennonites-their history, theology, lifestyle, and more-can benefit from this FAQ (frequently asked questions) resource.

What do Mennonites believe in? Who started it? Are Mennonites allowed to fight people that attack them? Why do they live the way they do? Would it be ok if I became a Mennonite?

Such are the questions Third Way Café receives on an almost daily basis.Through the Internet, people anywhere in the world can satisfy their curiosity, follow their personal spiritual path, or just research essays for school without the pressure of the face-to-face interview or the potential embarrassment of a "stupid" question-even about Menonites.

Those curious about Mennonites will learn more about them. And those already Mennonite will likely find the questions fascinating, amusing, humbling, bewildering-and prompting thoughtful consideration of how they might answer these 50 questions.

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