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At Peace and Unafraid

Public Order, Security and the Wisdom of the Cross
At Peace and Unafraid

Edited bys: Duane K. Friesen, Gerald W Schlabach
Product Code: 9308
ISBN: 9780836193084
Pages: 456
Binding Information: Paper
Size: 8.25 x 5.38 inches

Publication Date: 11/11/2005
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Many Mennonites are clear about avoiding the violence of war and some types of police activities. Less clear, though, is the extent to which Mennonites should participate in the coercive systems needed for safe, stable and peaceful communities. This book provides theological reflection on this and other questions of Mennonite nonviolent ethics.

At Peace and Unafraid explores principles and practices to guide Christians in living out Jesus's way of nonviolent love in societies that often do not share their convictions. Commissioned by Mennonite Central Committee, the authors ask what faithfulness to Christ means in the context of:

  • violent conflict in Colombia?
  • church congregations responding to sexual offenders?
  • the Palestinian/Israeli conflict?
  • the post-9/11 challenges to democracy in the United States and Canada?

The authors bring to these issues expertise from the disciplines of theology, ethics, the social sciences, law, social work, pastoral ministry, public office and other professions.

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"This volume represents an important contribution to academic and field-based discourse on wha tmakes for peace in our times, reclaiming and affirming a biblically rooted understanding of the just order entailed by shalom. The text will be essential reading for all those who take seriously the need for public, national, and global security in service of a just pace, and those who wish to collaborate with God's passionate, transforming, and reconciling love at work in the world." —Margaret Pfeil, University of Notre Dame

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