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Beyond Mist Blue Mountains

Beyond Mist Blue Mountains

Author: Carrie Bender
Product Code: 9165
ISBN: 9780836191653
Pages: 200
Binding Information: Paper
Size: 7.50 x 5.00 inches

Publication Date: 5/7/2003
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Dora, married and settled into Millstream Orchard Farm in Minnesota, writes in her diary faithfully. A year after they had planned, Dora and her husband Matthew finally go to Belize to work in an orphanage run by Dora’s aunt and uncle. There, though she is homesick at times, she recounts their many adventures: a kidnapped child, thieves in the night, escaping down a wild river, watching the breathtaking tropical sunsets, and of course, taking care of all those children.

Through all this, Dora and Matthew wish for a child of their own. Even after three years of marriage, there is no baby. So the adventures continue. They buy a farm in a different Amish settlement in Belize, adopt children (Dora wants a dozen!), and revel in the wonderful people and world God has given them.

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