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Beyond Our Fears: Guide for Leaders

Following Jesus in Times of Crisis
Beyond Our Fears: Guide for Leaders

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ISBN: 9780836194791
Pages: 96
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Publication Date: 6/2/2009
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For a number of years, medical authorities have been warning that the world is due to experience a serious flu virus on a global scale, equal to or greater than the flu pandemic of 1918. Many thought it couldn’t be true. Then, in spring, 2009, the H1N1 virus (formerly known as swine flu) caused people to become sick in countries around the world. The experience raises the question: How should the church respond to a pandemic? How can we prepare ourselves to be a source of help during a time of catastrophic illness, or any other kind of disaster? Will we retreat in fear, or are we ready be God’s light in the midst of suffering?

This leader’s guide, and the resources it accompanies, has been developed not to raise fears among God’s people, but to do the exact opposite: to prepare us to shine as God’s light in the midst of such crises. It seeks to ensure that we will be people of healing and hope, not fear and self-preservation.

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Beyond Our Fears
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Product SubTitle: Following Jesus in Times of Crisis

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