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Death and Life in America

Biblical Healing and Biomedicine
Death and Life in America

Author: Raymond Downing
Product Code: 9413
ISBN: 9780836194135
Pages: 160
Binding Information: Paper

Publication Date: 5/19/2008
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Raymond Downing offers a bold critique of western medicine and sees medical care as one of the fallen “principalities and powers” in need of redemption. But Downing’s hope lies beyond biomedicine—in biblical healing, especially the healing miracles of Jesus. In conversation with the Bible, Ivan Illich, William Stringfellow, Susan Sontag, and others, Downing revisits how Westerners approach medicine. He sees suffering and healing as essentially spiritual experiences at the roots of death and life.

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“In this remarkable book, Downing puts biomedicine under the lens, not of the scientists’ microscope, but of the narrative of the Christian Bible.” —Farr Curlin, MacLean Center for Clinical Medical Ethics, University of Chicago

“In this book, Raymond Downing as physician-educator perceptively lays down a foundation for a critical dialogue among thinking people. Death and Life in America is a wake-up call for followers of Jesus in medicine to become engaged.” —Bill Pearson, Institute of Faith and Medicine

"The author of this provocative book is a physician and educator who takes aim at the assumptions, practices, and economic inequities of modern biomedicine. The powerful force that modern biomedicine represents in today’s world is, Downing claims, part of the arsenal of western civilization and its dominance of the underdeveloped parts of the globe. While biomedicine does much good and many physicians who use it are people of integrity and compassion, what is missing from the assumptions of biomedicine is a recognition of the profoundly spiritual nature of the human person and of human suffering itself. It is here that Downing appeals to the vision of the Scriptures in a thoughtful and challenging way."

--The Bible Today

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