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Believers Church Bible Commentary

By author: George R Brunk III
Product Code: 9860
ISBN: 9780836198607
Pages: 336
Binding Information: Paperback / softback
Size: 8.50 x 5.50 inches

Publication Date: 3/23/2015

Paperback / softback
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Galatians by George Brunk III tracks the important role that this epistle of the Apostle Paul played in Christianity’s shift from being a messianic sect within Judaism to a Gentile-dominated religious movement. As a sustained defense of Jesus Christ as the center of faith, the full unity and equality of Christ’s followers, and the Spirit’s empowerment in the life of the believer, Galatians holds both world-changing and personally transforming power for the contemporary church. Brunk’s commentary, an important contribution to biblical studies, includes historical and cultural background; shares necessary theological, sociological, and ethical meanings; and, in general, makes “the rough places plain.”

Volume 28 in the Believers Church Bible Commentary series

About Believers Church Bible Commentary Series

Accessible to lay readers, useful in preaching and pastoral care, helpful for Bible study groups and Sunday school teachers, and academically sound, the Believers Church Bible Commentary Series foregrounds an Anabaptist reading of Scripture. Published for all who seek more fully to understand the original message of Scripture and its meaning for today, the series is based on the conviction that God is still speaking to all who will listen, and that the Holy Spirit makes the Word a living and authoritative guide for all who want to know and do God’s will.

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Series Foreword
Author’s Preface

Introduction to Galatians
The Historical Influence of Galatians
Author, Audience, Date
The Literary Type and Structure of Galatians
Contemporary Significance of Galatians
Features of this Commentary

The Letter Opening, 1:1-5
*Galatians as an Apostolic Epistle
*The Special Function of the Letter Opening
+Practicing a Christ-Centered Faith
+Understanding Atonement
+Separation from the World

PART 1 (1:6–4:11): A Rebuke: Defending the Truth
The Problem in the Galatian Churches, 1:6-10
*Curse as Discipline
+Uniqueness of the Gospel
+Authority in Church Life
+Discipline, Power, and Peace

Paul’s Defense of the Gospel as New Revelation, 1:11–2:21
Thesis Statement, 1:11-12
*Paul’s Defense of His Authority
*Opposition to Paul
*Relating the Human and the Divine
+Paul’s Experience—Unique or Exemplary?
+Certainty of Faith

Conversion and Call, 1:13-17
*Reconstructing Paul’s Life
*Paul’s Conversion
*The Formation of Paul’s Theology
+Revelation and Tradition
+The Relationship of Conversion and Call
+Practicing the Centrality of Christ

Visit with Cephas and James, 1:18-20
*The First Visit to Jerusalem
*Leadership in the Jerusalem Church
+Integrity of Leaders

Sojourn in Syria and Cilicia, 1:21-24
*In Christ
+Glorifying God

Visit with the Leading Apostles, 2:1-10
*Leadership and Authority
*Church Unity and Truth
+Leadership and the Faithful Church

Incident at Antioch, 2:11-21
*Justification and Righteousness in Scripture
*Faith in Paul and James
*Identification with Christ
+Equality in Church and Society
+Justification, Sanctification, and Discipleship
+Practicing the Centrality of Christ

Paul’s Defense of the Gospel as Fulfilled Revelation, 3:1–4:11
The Issue Identified, 3:1-5
*Signs and Wonders in Paul and the New Testament
+Spiritual Maturity

The Theological Argument, 3:6–4:11
Example of Abraham, 3:6-9
*Faith and Promise
*The Blessing of Abraham

Curse of the Law, 3:10-14
*Law and Faith
*Christ and the Curse
+Faith and Law in Judeo-Christian Tradition

Primacy of Promise, 3:15-18
*The New Testament View of the Old Testament
+A Christian View of the Old Testament Scriptures

Place of the Law, 3:19-24
*Monotheism in Paul and the Old Testament
*Life and Law
*Rhetoric and Truth
+The Law and Christians

Fulfillment in Christ, 3:25-29
*Baptism in Paul
*Equality Issues in Paul
+Gender Issues in the Church

Freedom of God’s Children, 4:1-7
*The Elements of the World
*Early Christian Experience of the Gospel
+The Elements of the World: Contemporary Relevance

The Application to the Galatians, 4:8-11
*Knowing and Being Known
+Freedom and Bondage
+Knowledge and Faith

Part 2 (4:12–6:10): A Request: Obeying the Truth
Example of the Apostle, 4:12-20
*Formation in Christ
*Imitation in Paul
+Discipleship and Life in Christ

A Scriptural Case for Corrective Action, 4:12-31
*Allegorical Use of Scripture
*Discipline among the People of God
+Biblical Interpretation in the Life of the Church
+Discipline in the Believers Church

Standing Fast in Freedom, 5:1-12
*Freedom in Scripture
*Indicative and Imperative
*Grace and Perseverance
+Servile and Filial Obedience
+Faith Working through Love

Overcoming the Flesh by the Spirit, 5:13-24
*Love as Ethical Norm
*Spirit, Flesh, and the Human Will
+Virtues of Community Formation
+The Place of the Spirit in Christian Experience

Acting in Conformity to the Spirit, 5:25–6:10
*Individual and Community
*Community of Equality and Mutuality
+Mutual Aid and Benevolence

Conclusion to the Letter, 6:11-18
*The Significance of the Cross
*Creation Old and New
+Cross and Discipleship
+Conversion and New Creation

Outline of Galatians
The Faith of Jesus Christ
Judaism in the Time of Paul
Literary and Rhetorical Features of Galatians
Paul’s View of the Law in Galatians

Map of the New Testament World
Selected Resources
Index of Ancient Sources
The Author

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