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I'll See You Again

I'll See You Again

Author: Myron S. Augsburger
Product Code: 3489
ISBN: 9780836134896
Pages: 232
Binding Information: Paper
Size: 8.00 x 5.00 inches

Publication Date: 5/16/2007

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I'll See You Again! is a fictionalized biography of Felix Manz, the first Anabaptist martyr. Written by Myron S. Augsburger, it’s a story of romance, intrigue, danger, and daring—centered in the political and religious hotbed of 16th-century Zurich. Felix finds himself caught in a world of shifting foundations as historic decisions are made. Out of this storm comes light on being true to Christ when society claims ultimate allegiance.

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"This is a fictionalized but historically detailed account of the life of Felix Manz, one of the early Anabaptist reformers. The book describes Manz's close relationship with his teacher and friend, Zwingli, and their eventual parting when Zwingli backed down from needed reforms. Manz eventually was martyred for his role in the emerging Anabaptist movement in Switzerland. Good reading for those interested in the formation of their spiritual roots."
--The Christian Leader

"I'll See You Again! provides much of the romance, intrigue, danger, doctrinal understanding, vigorous evangelizing, and high drama that characterized this virile movement, and provides it in a manner that will appeal to a far wider audience than formal history could ever be expected to attract."
--Mennonite Historical Bulletin

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