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Journey Toward Forgiveness DVD

Journey Toward Forgiveness DVD

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ISBN: 9781877736711

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Journey Toward Forgiveness features stories of anger and forgiveness in the face of death. Stories include family survivors of violent or wrongful death; near-death from racial injustice; terminal illness, and reconciliation for crimes against ancestors.

Bonus stories on this DVD include:

I’ll Give You the Gettin’ In this full-length version of Walter Wangerin's true story, viewers are drawn into an end-of-life story in which Mary Johnson finds a way through grief in the terminal illness of her husband, Elijah. 22 minutes.

Victims Find a Voice A moving account of how Wilma and Cliff Derksen's life-shattering experience when their 13-year-old daughter was murdered has led to the development of Victim's Voice, a national support group and program in which victims can have the chance to talk with violent offenders. 22 minutes.

Changing Hearts and Minds Bud Welch experienced the death of his daughter in the Oklahoma City bombing, yet opposes the loss of additional lives through the death penalty. The video explores his inspiring advocacy work against the death penalty. 15 minutes.

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