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Ordinary Miracles

Awakening to the Holy Work of Parenting
Ordinary Miracles

By author: Rachel Gerber
Product Code: 9857
ISBN: 9780836198577
Binding Information: Paperback
Size: 8.00 x 5.00 inches

Publication Date: 3/10/2014
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Where is God in the midst of temper tantrums, laundry, and accidents? Find out in this honest devotional memoir about mothering three busy boys. In Ordinary Miracles, ordained Mennonite minister and blogger Rachel S. Gerber gives voice to the grit of parenting with stories of hope. Like the disciples on the road to Emmaus, who failed at first to recognize Christ walking beside them, Rachel learns to discover the gifts and holy calling hidden in the events of harried family life.

Overburdened parents will find reassurance in Rachel’s own story of how, in her darkest hour of disorientation, in the most mundane and ordinary days of motherhood, and in moments of exhilaration, joy, and beauty, God is present.

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"As Rachel Gerber so beautifully reminds us here, God walks beside us. We are not alone in this journey. Even at our most lonely and discouraged, God has given us everything we need."
—Rachel Balducci, author of Raising Boys Is a Full-Contact Sport

"Laughter. Tears. Runny noses. Car wrecks. Exhaustion. God does not drop her. God does not drop us. With humor and moxie, Rachel Gerber invites us on a journey and calls us to look afresh at how God becomes incarnate among us."
—Heidi Miller, assistant professor of Christian worship, Perkins School of Theology

"With humor and spunk, Rachel Gerber takes us on a wondrous, demanding Emmaus journey all her own, where she recognizes God and returns to spread the word. Good news for other parents needing encouragement in their own parenting!"
—Bonnie Miller-McLemore, author of In the Midst of Chaos: Care of Children as Spiritual Practice

"This book will put a shine into any beleaguered day. With sparkling transparency, Rachel reveals the mess and marvel of life with little people. Amid a cascade of daily chaos, she breaks open ordinary moments with such winsome vulnerability that I was captivated anew by the holy wonder of it all."
Sara Wenger Shenk, president of Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary

"As a grandmother, I continually remembered young parents I know and love while reading this book. Rachel creates vivid images in which other young parents can find themselves, but then digs deeper to unearth and share her early parenthood spiritual journey. As she uncovers the holy in the midst of growing laundry piles and disrupted nights, she offers lifelines of hope and inspiration to other overwhelmed bearers of God's blessings."
—Elsie Rempel, author of Please Pass the Faith: The Art of Spiritual Grandparenting

"This book is warm, wise, funny, and full of real-life moments with the author and her family. Rachel's storytelling and spiritual insight are great gifts that I look forward to sharing with others, especially with parents of young children. An inspiring and thoughtful book."
—April Yamasaki, author of Sacred Pauses: Spiritual Practices for Personal Renewal

"In her own straightforward, energetic voice, Rachel Gerber invites you into her world; a world brimming with boisterous boys, plenty of work, and a whiff of the Holy. As she recounts parenting peaks and valleys, she invites us to see God calling and caring for us, even—or especially—in seemingly mundane moments."
—Hannah Heinzekehr, director of communications and marketing, Mennonite Church USA

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