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Pax Service DVD

Pax Service DVD

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ISBN: 9781877736957
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What does it mean to "make peace"? Between 1951 and 1976 some 1200 young men refused to join the military. Their religious beliefs forbade their taking another human life. Instead, they volunteered to build homes for WWII refugees, taught African subsistence farmers modern farming methods, helped Greek villages preserve food for the winter months, and built a road through the Green Hell of the Paraguayan Chaco. They did this through an alternative service program called PAX, overall serving in 40 countries. This program features the Pax work in Germany, Austria, Greece, Paraguay and the Congo.

43-minutes. Includes discussion guide. Optional English and Spanish subtitles.

Bonus Material on this DVD includes an extended version of the broadcast program, a Pax Reunion Tour to Europe, A Day In Pax slide show, and more.

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Pax Service DVD

Pax Service DVD
SKU:  6953
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