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Peter Riedemann's Hutterite Confession of Faith

Peter Riedemann's Hutterite Confession of Faith

Series: Classics of the Radical Reformation Series
Translated by: John J. Friesen
Product Code: 3122
ISBN: 9780836131222
Pages: 272
Binding Information: Paper
Size: 8.25 x 5.50 inches

Publication Date: 2/26/1999

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While in prison during 1540-42, Riedemann writes for the Lutheran ruler, Philip of Hesse. He explains the Hutterite goal of a renewed community and dispels popular misconceptions. The Hutterites quickly accept the Confession as their own.

Riedemann creatively weaves together a fresh reading of the Bible with the classical creeds. He produces a powerful synthesis of Scripture and tradition on which to base Christian community. His dynamic vision of radical and communal discipleship still challenges believers toward greater faithfulness to the Lord and to each other.

Riedemann’s Confession gives theological grounding for the Hutterite understanding of economic communalism and offers practical examples of it. This confession still guides Hutterite communities. Includes John J. Friesen’s translation of the 1565 German edition of Confession of Our Religion, Teaching, and Faith, by the Brothers Who Are Known as the Hutterites along with a new history of Riedemann.

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"This volume is a comprehensive guide to daily life in the Hutterite community and is the basic charter for Hutterites even today." —John A. Hostetler, Author, Hutterite Society

"We are pleased that this account of our historical beliefs and practices is available in contemporary English. Both young and old may now read and understand this spiritual message that Riedemann wrote in his dark cell so many years ago." —Paul S. Gross, Hutterite Minister, Historian, Author; Spokane Colony, Reardon, Washington

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