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Pilgrim Aflame

Pilgrim Aflame

By author: Myron S. Augsburger
Product Code: 1840
ISBN: 9780836118407
Pages: 288
Binding Information: Paper
Size: 6.50 x 4.25 inches

Publication Date: 1/1/1967

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Now back in print, the story of the sixteenth century Anabaptists Michael and Margareta Sattler who paid the ultimate price for their faith in and obedience to Jesus Christ. In 1527 Michael is burned at the stake and Margareta drowned. While Michael Sattler was not the first Anabaptist, his work and the significance of the Schleitheim Confession may be seen as the beginning of the group's self-consciousness of being a third and viable church in Christendom. Although his leadership among the Swiss Brethren was brief, those few years were full of spiritual activity in creating and strengthening congregations. Sattler, a committed Anabaptist, with his wife, lived and died for the believers' Church.

Since it was first published in 1967, Myron S. Augsburger's story of Michael Sattler and the Anbaptist beginnings has been warmly welcomed and published in various editions. The story was dramatized in the motion picture The Radicals, available on video and DVD from Vision Video.

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