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Real Christian Fellowship

Real Christian Fellowship

By author: John Howard Yoder   Edited bys: John C. Nugent, Branson L. Parler, Heather L. Bunce
Product Code: 9862
ISBN: 9780836198621
Pages: 208
Binding Information: Paperback / softback
Size: 8.50 x 5.50 inches

Publication Date: 6/21/2014

Paperback / softback
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How can we resolve conflicts as Christ commanded? How can we embrace equality and share finances and possessions? Is there an alternative to both individualistic varieties of faith and versions that idolize community? John Howard Yoder presents a compelling vision for Christian fellowship rooted in who God is and what God has done. Here, finally, is a collection of Yoder's writings for the rest of us—practical, yet as engaging as ever. Yoder speaks of the Christian's call to a life that is drastically different from the pattern of this world.

These early essays and speeches from one of Anabaptism's premier theologians—most previously unpublished—are formatted and edited in a fresh presentation for Christians today.

Book Three in the Yoder for Everyone series.

Free downloadable study guide available here.

Other books in the Yoder for Everyone series:
Volume 1: Radical Christian Discipleship
Volume 2: Revolutionary Christian Citizenship

A statement on Herald Press and John Howard Yoder

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Foreword by Laurie Macaulay Jordan



Part One: Believing

1. Believing Is Foreign

2. Believing Is Resurrection

3. Believing Is Coherent

4. Believing Is Freedom

5. Believing Is Fellowship


Part Two: Gathering

6. Binding and Loosing

7. Breaking Bread

8. Making Disciples

9. Agreeing with Christ

10. Embracing Equality

11. Repenting from Sin


Part Three: Serving

12. Sharing with One Another

13. Caring for the Poor

14. Using All Gifts

15. Witnessing at Work

16. Evangelizing like Jesus


Part Four: Singing

17. Telling the Old Story

18. Lifting Our Heads

19. Singing in Exile

20. Singing a New Song


The Author

The Editors

Together in the Work of the Lord
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Review by: Shane Claiborne, author of The Irresistible Revolution - May 1, 2014

“One of the greatest Christian theologians of all time made accessible to folks who don’t use words like eschatology and hermeneutics. This series is a gift to the world, and hopefully it will help us build a better one.”

Review by: C. Christopher Smith, coauthor of Slow Church and founding editor of The Englewood Review of Books - May 1, 2014

“Many years after his death, John Howard Yoder’s vision of Christian community remains timely, poignant and insightful. Real Christian Fellowship, which makes Yoder’s writings on community available to a broader audience, is an essential book as we seek to cultivate deeper and more faithful churches amidst the individualism and consumerism of our times.”

Review by: Marva Dawn, theologian, author, speaker - May 1, 2014

“This book is full of wonderful surprises—teachings by John Yoder that are quite new to us, who thought we knew his work well. Many thanks to the editors who faithfully and effectively gathered these materials together!”

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