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Thank You for Asking

Conversing with Young Adults about the Future Church
Thank You for Asking

By author: Sara Wenger Shenk
Product Code: 9305
ISBN: 9780836193053
Pages: 282
Binding Information: Paper
Size: 9.00 x 6.00 inches

Publication Date: 5/6/2005

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This is a book of stories: the stories of young adults as told to other young adults who are working hard with imagination, longing, and love to weave a coherent faith and way of life. The stories provide exemplary illustrations of how young adults are drawing vibrant threads from the wonderful, but somewhat frayed heritage they've been given and weaving them into a new coherency. They show the way toward a future church that will be authentic, down-to-earth and life giving for their generation.

The young adults in this book invite pastors, parents and friends into a potentially transformative dialogue about the stories and practices we use to make sense of our world and to form a way of life. The work young adults do is challenging work, often lonely work; but when done in the company of loved and respected others, it is the heart and soul of what makes life good. As we enter into genuine conversation with the questions and visions of young adults, our faith communities will be transformed.

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