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The Amish

The Amish

Authors: John A. Hostetler, Ann Hostetler, Steven M. Nolt
Product Code: 9562
ISBN: 9780836195620
Binding Information: Paper

Publication Date: 3/5/2013

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With over 770,000 copies of sold since it was first published in 1952, this new edition of The Amish updates a classic resource with rich, full-color photos portraying Amish Life today. Hostetler's clear explanations of Amish lifestyle and beliefs are brought up to date by his daughter, Ann Hostetler, and Steven M Nolt, a history professor with expertise on the Amish.

Topics include Amish roots and values, worship, family and community, food and hospitality, bonnets and broadbrims, and many more.

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"A delightfully written, yet authoritative, brief account of the folk culture of one of America's most interesting small minority groups. The Amish should do much to engender a fuller and more sympathetic understanding of the Amish way of life." -George P. Murdock, Yale University "This booklet presents the Amish as not nearly so eccentric as the general public believes and pictures them as thrifty people who live well and love their religion, their families, their land." -Durham (NC) Morning Herald "The Amish have always attracted popular interest because of their different dress and manner of living. Hostetler, born and reared among them, writes with authority about the Amish, explaining the reasons behind their customs and describing much of their way of life." -The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography "Answers a lot of questions and presents some incisive views." -Lancaster (PA) New Era

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