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The Bible Unwrapped

Making Sense of Scripture Today
The Bible Unwrapped

By author: Meghan Larissa Good   Foreword by: Gregory A. Boyd
Product Code: 80234
ISBN: 9781513802343
Pages: 304
Binding Information: Paperback / softback
Size: 8.50 x 5.25 inches

Publication Date: 9/28/2018

Paperback / softback
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Foreword by Gregory Boyd

2019 Outreach Magazine Resource of the Year: Theology/Biblical Studies Category

Many people have questions about Scripture they are too afraid to ask. Are all the stories of the Bible true? What about all the books that got left out? What do we make of all that violence? What do we do when biblical authors seem to disagree? And what if we encounter situations the Bible doesn’t address? Drawing from the best of contemporary biblical scholarship and the ancient well of Christian tradition, scholar and preacher Meghan Larissa Good helps readers consider why the Bible matters. Known for presenting complex theological ideas in accessible, engaging ways, Good delves into issues like biblical authority, literary genre, and Christ-centered hermeneutics, and calls readers beyond either knee-jerk biblicism, on the one hand, or skeptical disregard on the other. Instead, The Bible Unwrapped invites readers to faithful reading, communal discernment, and deep and transformative wonder about Scripture.

Join an honest conversation about the Bible that is spiritually alive and intellectually credible. Read the ancient story of God in the world. You may even learn to love it.

Free downloadable study guide available here.

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Review by: Leonard Sweet - August 27, 2018
“The Bible Unwrapped bears untold gifts, as rich and valuable in their own way as those brought to a child by wise ones two thousand years ago. Do not let this unique gift pass by unopened and unenjoyed.”
Review by: Dottie Escobedo Frank - August 27, 2018
“You need this book in your church, and in your work with people who are searching for answers. It is the missing piece for our discussions on current topics and the Bible.”
Review by: Gregory Boyd - August 27, 2018
“The book you are about to read is a rare treasure. I have read countless books that introduce readers to the Bible. I can honestly say that I have found none as enjoyable to read—without sacrificing anything by way of biblical scholarship—as this one.”
Review by: Bruxy Cavey - August 27, 2018
“I believe in the authoritative, infallible, inerrant Word of God—and his name is Jesus. I’m so very thankful for this book by Meghan Larissa Good! The Bible Unwrapped is a book about the Book that will lead you to the person who will change your life.”
Review by: Safwat Marzouk - August 27, 2018
“The Bible Unwrapped makes an invaluable contribution to the literature that seeks to explain the Bible. It invites readers to see the Bible for what it is: a collection of sacred texts through which God has spoken and continues to speak.”
Review by: Kurt Willems - August 27, 2018
“In an age when the Bible is increasingly suspect, The Bible Unwrapped offers hope for followers of Jesus who are perplexed by the various issues that arise as they engage our sacred library of texts. . . . This book about the Book is a gift to the church!”
Review by: Paul Borgman - August 27, 2018
“What the Bible is all about is best captured by this scholar-preacher’s powerful words: ‘a relationship, a dialogue, a dynamic dance between God and humans, responding to each other’s movements.’ Meghan Larissa Good’s heart and mind combine in a very special talent that will entice readers into this dance.”
Review by: Derek Hogan - August 27, 2018
“For all its popularity, the Bible is often misunderstood. Meghan Larissa Good skillfully reminds us that the messy and sacred world of the Bible is . . . a window through which we can view God’s story and encounter the living Christ.”
Review by: John Noble - August 27, 2018
“Filled with humor, learned footnotes, and an abiding faith, The Bible Unwrapped is an accessible primer on Scripture and interpretation for college students and parishioners alike.”

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