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The Upside-Down Kingdom

Anniversary Edition
The Upside-Down Kingdom

By author: Donald B. Kraybill   Foreword by: Lisa Sharon Harper
Product Code: 80249
ISBN: 9781513802497
Binding Information: Paperback / softback
Size: 8.50 x 5.50 inches

Publication Date: 2/6/2018
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Paperback / softback
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In the anniversary edition of the classic book The Upside-Down Kingdom, author Donald B. Kraybill calls readers to imagine and embody the reign of God on earth as it is in heaven. Since its publication in 1978, The Upside-Down Kingdom has become the most-trusted resource on radical Christian discipleship. What does it mean to follow the Christ who traded victory and power for hanging out with the poor and forgiving his enemies? How did a man in first-century Palestine threaten the established order, and what does that mean for us today? What would happen if Christians replaced force with service, violence with love, and nationalism with allegiance to Jesus?
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