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Weaving Friends Combo

Making Friends among the Taliban & Weaving Life
Weaving Friends Combo

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ISBN: 9780836196849
Binding Information: Weaving/Making Friends Bundle

Publication Date: 10/19/2012
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Weaving/Making Friends Bundle
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Making Friends among the Taliban: A Peacemaker's Journey in Afghanistan
In a remote valley north of Kabul in August 2010, American peacemaker Dan Terry and nine other aid workers were attacked and killed in an event that made worldwide headlines. Why would one man take his family, follow faith and calling into the political and religious maelstrom of Afghanistan, and—through years of war and strife—believe he could make a difference?

In the book Making Friends among the Taliban, childhood friend Jonathan Larson retraces Dan’s nearly forty years in Afghanistan and, through interviews and eye witness accounts, relays Dan’s incredible way of daily living. Facing famine, poverty, prison, and rifle muzzles—and across three decades of kings, the Red Army, warlords, the Taliban, and the American-led coalition—Dan found improbable friendships across the front lines of conflict and inspired small Afghan communities to find a better way of life. This inspirational narrative of Dan’s life and friendships offers a model for living authentically wherever we are.

Weaving Life
Weaving Life documentary tells of the way Dan wove relationships, joy, partnership, and understanding into his work in Afghanistan. Listen to stories about how Dan and his family confronted assumptions, discarded platitudes, and relentlessly pursued authentic relationships.

Eastern Mennonite University film students, intrigued by Dan’s commitment and humility, embarked on their own journey to understand the story. Through interviews, Dan’s photography, and their own artwork and video journals, the students discover the startling power of sustained commitment and what Dan called “fierce” love.

Dan’s story is told by longtime friends Jonathan Larson and Daniel Taylor, his daughter, Anneli Terry, and his wife, Seija Terry. Also featuring Dr. Lisa Schirch, longtime peacebuilder in Afghanistan. For more information on the making of this documentary, visit

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