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When Did Everybody Else Get So Old?

Indignities, Compromises, and the Unexpected Grace of Midlife
When Did Everybody Else Get So Old?

By author: Jennifer Grant
Product Code: 80131
ISBN: 9781513801315
Binding Information: Paperback / softback
Size: 8.50 x 5.50 inches

Publication Date: 5/2/2017

Paperback / softback
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From writer and veteran columnist Jennifer Grant comes an unflinching and spirited look at the transitions of midlife. When Did Everybody Else Get So Old? plumbs the physical, spiritual, and emotional changes unique to the middle years: from the emptying nest to the sagging effects of aging. Grant acknowledges the complexities and loss inherent in midlife and tells stories of sustaining disappointment, taking hard blows to the ego, undergoing a crisis of faith, and grieving the deaths not only of illusions but of loved ones. Yet she illuminates the confidence and grace that this season of life can also bring. Magnetic, good-humored, and full of hope in the sustaining power of the Spirit, this is a must-read for anyone facing the flux and flow of middle age.
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Review: Midwest Book Review - November 1, 2017
“One of those impressively life-affirming, life-inspiring, life-changing reads [and] an extraordinary and inherently engaging read from cover to cover. . . . Unreservedly recommended.”
Review by: Jon Sweeney, coauthor of Mixed-Up Love and editor of Phyllis Tickle: Essential Spiritual Writingscoauthor of Mixed-Up Love and editor of Phyllis Tickle: Essential coauthor of Mixed-Up Love and editor of Phyllis Tickle: Essential Spiritual Writings - March 10, 2017
“It’s rare to read someone who is as honest as Jennifer Grant is. In a time that’s full to overflowing with easy, posturing confessions, this is a necessary, awakening memoir.”
Review by: Dale Bourke, author of Embracing Your Second Calling - March 10, 2017
“Delightful and poignant . . . a book to cherish and to share with those you love.”
Review by: Becca Stevens, founder of Thistle Farms and a top ten 2016 CNN Hero - March 10, 2017
“Jennifer Grant is fiercely tender, funny, passionate about family, faithful, and hungry for justice. Read this book!”
Review by: Cathleen Falsani, journalist and author of The God Factor - March 10, 2017
“A simply magnificent meditation on middle age . . . an obvious labor of love and joy that appears like a friend at your side and starts walking with you, doling out stories that will make you roar with laughter, bring tears to your eyes, impart practical wisdom, and make you absolutely sure that you are not alone in this.”
Review by: Katherine Pershey, author of Very Married - March 10, 2017
“This beautiful book belongs on every woman’s nightstand (probably alongside her favorite jar of wrinkle cream).”
Review by: Michelle Van Loon, author of Moments and Days - March 10, 2017
“Jennifer Grant’s shimmering prose, soulful observations, wit, and insight make her an apt companion as we move through this necessary life stage of change and growth.”
Review by: Dorcas Cheng-Tozun, author of Start, Love, Repeat - March 10, 2017
“Jennifer Grant manages to convey the trials of midlife with both realism and hope. This memoir, unexpectedly, helped me look forward to experiencing my forties and fifties.”
Review by: Carla Barnhill, author of The Myth of the Perfect Mother - March 10, 2017
“The perfect companion to walk with on this road through the unexpected joy and grief of middle age.”
Review by: Keri Kent, author of Deeply Loved and Godspace - March 10, 2017
“Readers will find a true friend in Jennifer Grant’s beautifully crafted memoir of her forties. Highly recommended!”
Review by: Lesa Engelthaler, writer and nonprofit executive recruiter - March 10, 2017
“A brilliant memoir about the harshness and freedom of midlife. Bonus: A writer who can work Richard Rohr, Martha Stewart, and David Sedaris into one book must be read.”
Review by: Caryn Rivadeneira, author of Broke - March 10, 2017
“Hilarious and heartbreaking . . . a must-read for anyone who seeks to savor this amazing season of life.”
Review by: Jen Michel, author of Teach Us to Want and Keeping Place - March 10, 2017
“I didn’t know how much I needed this book until I read it. It gave me much-needed language for midlife’s bruising and beautiful change. Grant’s memoir is tender and funny in all the right places, and I can’t wait to recommend it to friends!”

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