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Why Did Jesus Die and What Difference Does It Make?

Why Did Jesus Die and What Difference Does It Make?

Product Code: 80565
ISBN: 9781513805658
Binding Information: Paperback / softback

Publication Date: 10/15/2019

Paperback / softback
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Why did Jesus die? And how does his death change us and our world? These questions stand at the center of our faith. But that doesn’t mean they are simple or straightforward.

Michele Hershberger helps us peer deeply into the meaning of the cross by sifting through Scripture and the life of Christ. Learn about theological concepts like sin, salvation, and atonement. Find out how Christians across the centuries have thought about Jesus’ death. Discover how Jesus’ life, crucifixion, and resurrection change everything.

The Jesus Way series delves into big questions about God’s work in the world. These concise, practical books are deeply rooted in Anabaptist theology. Crafted by a diverse community of internationally renowned scholars, pastors, and practitioners, The Jesus Way series helps readers deepen their faith in Christ and enliven their witness.

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