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Yonie Wondernose

Yonie Wondernose

By author: Marguerite De Angeli
Product Code: 9083
ISBN: 9780836190830
Pages: 48
Binding Information: Paper
Size: 10.00 x 8.00 inches

Publication Date: 7/11/1997

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"Ach!" Yonie scolded himself, "here I am, being a Wondernose, just like always."

Seven-year-old Yonie is a wondernose because he can't keep his nose out of anything. It seems that his nose is always getting him into trouble. When Yonie's parents go away overnight, he's left as the man of the house and promised a special reward if he can keep himself and the farm out of trouble. But that night a bad storm brings trouble—the kind that not even a full-grown man could handle easily.

A Caldecott Honor Book

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"Yonie Wondernose was a continuation of Mama's fascination with, and admiration of the Amish, a community of 'Plain' People living in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. She often held them up to us children as examples of how to behave, or get along with the latest modern conveniences, and still be happy. As in most of her books, Yonie contains gentle lessons for young readers and still entertains, while demonstrating the importance of family relationships." —Harry E. de Angeli, son of Marguerite de Angeli

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