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Youth Worship Source Book

Youth Worship Source Book

Product Code: 9470
ISBN: 9780836194708
Pages: 192
Binding Information: Paper

Publication Date: 7/1/2009

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Given a chance, high school youth have a lot of ideas and energy to bring to congregational worship. How can they be encouraged, trained, and involved in worship leading?

This book brings education together with hands-on participation. Each of the 10 units introduces one aspect of worship—openings and closings, public prayer, visual art, and others—and offers curriculum modules that not only teach youth about it, but also put it into practice. Each unit includes helpful ideas for times when youth may be in charge of a service or involved in an element of worship.

As a “source book,” this volume is meant to be used in a modular way, allowing you to pick which elements are most relevant to the needs and structure of your group. While written with Mennonite youth in mind, the material can easily be adapted for intergenerational and ecumenical settings as well.

Unit topics
1. Introduction to Worship
2. Opening and Closing Worship
3. Music in Worship
4. Prayer
5. Visuals
6. Scripture
7. Preaching
8. The Body and the Senses
9. Offering
10. The Lord's Supper

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"For anyone who faces the daunting task of a 'youth' service for the congregation, this book will provide practical suggestions. . . . . Even more, it challenges us to integrate youth into various worship leading tasks on a regular basis."

--Ed Janzen, chaplain, Conrad Grebel University College

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