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A Healing Grief

Walking with Your Friend Through Loss
A Healing Grief

By author: Sara Wengerd
Product Code: 9198
ISBN: 9780836191981
Pages: 75
Binding Information: Paper
Size: 7.13 x 6.00 inches

Publication Date: 4/5/2002

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Sara Wengerd had years of experience with death via her work as a hospice nurse and caring for the elderly. Then it happened to her. Beginning with her husband’s accident, through the first day, the funeral, and the next two years, Wengerd illuminates the grieving process with heartfelt and surprising candor.

Many of us feel awkward and hesitant when talking to a recently bereaved person. We don’t want to say the wrong thing. A Healing Grief is an antidote to this problem. At the end of each chapter is a list of practical advice and tangible suggestions for action that friends and family can do to comfort and show love to the bereaved.

Makes the perfect gift for both those who are grieving and those who are offering support and comfort.

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"What a moving story! Having experienced a similar loss, I found myself saying 'yes' throughout. I gladly commend the book—both to those who mourn and to those who seek to comfort them. This small volume will be an excellent resource for pastors to put into the hands of caregivers." —James M. Lapp, Franconia Conference Minister

"In A Healing Grief, Wengerd takes us with her on the journey, turning shock into reality, denial into belief, anger into understanding, and despair to hope. We learn who and what helped her along the way, providing a perfect balance of personal and practical help."

--Marta Felber, author of Finding Your Way After Your Spouse Dies

"This is one of the helpful books I have seen on grieving and helping someone through loss. . . . A book everyone should read, now to help someone, and later when going through a loss themselves."

--Quaker Life

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