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Body Politics

Five Practices of the Christian Community Before the Watching World
Body Politics

Series: John Howard Yoder Series
By author: John Howard Yoder
Product Code: 9160
ISBN: 9780836191608
Pages: 90
Binding Information: Paper
Size: 8.00 x 5.00 inches

Publication Date: 3/1/2001

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Binding and loosing, baptism, eucharist, multiplicity of gifts, and open meeting; these five New Testament practices were central in the life of the early Christian community. Some of them are still echoed in the practice of the church today. But the full social, ethical, and communal meaning of the original practices has often been covered by centuries of ritual and interpretation.

John Howard Yoder, in his inimitably direct and discerning style, uncovers the original meaning of the five practices and shows why the recovery of these practices is so important for the social, economic, and political witness of the church today.

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  1. Binding and Loosing ... 1
  2. Disciples Break Bread Together ... 14
  3. Baptism and the New Humanity ... 28
  4. The Fullness of Christ ... 47
  5. The Rule of Paul ... 61
  6. Conclusion ... 71

"A crucial advance in recent philosophy and theology is (re)discovery of the fact that we do not know what our words mean if we do not know how to put them into practice. Yoder’s Body Politics embodies this understanding of the intimate dialectic of thought and life, doctrine and liturgical practice." —Nancey Murphy, Fuller Theological Seminary

"Protestant Christians are often tempted to think of the public practices of the church as ornamental or secondary representations of more fundamental theological realities such as personal spirituality or social ethics. In Body Politics, Yoder shows how the communication practices of the church—from decision making to baptism to table-fellowship—constitute the building materials for God’s coming reign." —Gerald J. Biesecker-Mast, Bluffton College

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