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Braving the Future

Christian Faith in a World of Limitless Tech
Braving the Future

By author: Douglas Estes
Product Code: 80325
ISBN: 9781513803258
Pages: 256
Binding Information: Paperback / softback
Size: 8.50 x 5.50 inches

Publication Date: 10/15/2018

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Humanity is nearing a technological tipping point. The blistering pace of technological, scientific, and social change is ushering in an era in which human bodies merge with devices, corporations know everything about us, and artificial intelligence develops human and even godlike potential. In possession of the most powerful tools history has ever seen, we will be faced with questions about wisdom, authority, faith, desire, and what it means to be human.

In Braving the Future, Douglas Estes equips Christians to thoughtfully and prayerfully prepare for a future of technological reign that is rapidly expanding. Drawing on Scripture, Christian tradition, and scientific literature, Estes offers a theology of work, creation, and personhood that is both prophetic and sturdy enough to keep pace with the technology of a future as yet unknown. He helps readers choose trust in God over fearful retreat and following Jesus over uncritical engagement with technology. The future may not look exactly like a science fiction movie, but are we ready to brave a future of limitless tech and boundless change?

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Introduction: God. People. Tech 1. Ready Player One: Virtual Reality and the Addiction of Tech 2. Real Steel: Autonomous Machines and Happiness 3. Jurassic World: Gene Editing and Bioenhancement 4. Passengers: Artificial Intelligence and the Masters of the Universe 5. Marjorie Prime: Brain-Computer Interface and the Nature of People 6. Robot & Frank: Intelligent Robots and the Power of Story 7. Transcendence: Nanotechnology and Biohackers 8. Self/less: Cybernetics and the Glory of Tech Conclusion: Tools in the Sandbox Notes The Author

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Review by: Bruce Riley Ashford - September 5, 2018
“Braving the Future is a seriously important book. As new technologies invade every space and hour of our shared lives, Douglas Estes argues that Christians must reject the temptations to embrace them uncritically or reject them outright. He teaches us how to think about those technologies now rather than waiting until they have already invaded our personal space.”
Review by: Rebecca Randall - September 5, 2018
“Douglas Estes is a rarity among Christian writers and thinkers. Not many can draw deeply from the well of Christian thought and engage with modern science. On top of that, he’s a master writer. It’s easy to become absorbed in his storytelling, and while reading for pleasure, you realize how relevant and thought-provoking it is as well. His work provides valuable cultural analysis on our use of tech, both now and into the future. His unique voice at this nexus is not one to ignore.”
Review by: W. David Taylor - September 5, 2018
“Three basic fears drive all science fiction narratives: fear of the dark, fear of the unknown, fear of the future. What future do humans fear? A future where they lose control of their lives on account of the technologies that they have created. What Douglas Estes offers us, in the face of this fear, is an angelic word: ‘Do not be afraid.’ Even better, he offers us a theocentric word in this wonderful and timely book: that God will be with us in the future that our technologies create, however marvelous or terrifying those technologies may be. It’s a word that all Christians, whether technophiles or technophobes, are wise to embrace.”
Review by: Quentin Kinnison - September 5, 2018
“In Braving the Future, Douglas Estes develops a scaffold for theological reflection on our current but constantly changing technological landscape. Both digital immigrants and digital natives will benefit from Braving the Future, as Estes provides us with meaningful theological signposts for recognizing the opportunities and challenges technology offers. Most profoundly, Estes reminds us that however our technological future emerges, God is present, God loves us, and God remains committed to our redemption.”
Review by: Arlene Pellicane - September 5, 2018
“What will the world be like for our children in twenty-five years? Robots, virtual reality, artificial intelligence—oh my! Instead of hiding out or blindly accepting every new technology, we must educate ourselves. Thankfully, Douglas Estes has written this excellent resource to help us understand our quickly advancing world of technology. Filled with solid research, Scripture, and thought-provoking ideas, Braving the Future shows us how to evaluate new tech with a Christian perspective.”
Review by: Dorcas Cheng-Tozun - September 5, 2018
“Douglas Estes does a masterful job decoding the technological revolution and reminding us what is good, true, and constant in a world that is changing all too quickly. He demonstrates how even the most astounding innovations will continue to point humanity toward God and reveal God’s love for us. Braving the Future is an essential guidebook for any person of faith and will become ever more important in the coming years.”
Review by: Joshua Chatraw - September 5, 2018
“The contemporary church too often has either been blind to how technology is discipling us or has adopted a negative, even alarmist, attitude toward new technology. Braving the Future charts a course to help us navigate between these two extremes, guiding us to see how technology is simultaneously making the world better and offering new versions of old idols. Douglas Estes combines nuance with both scriptural fidelity and clear writing, making this the first-stop guide for faithfully navigating the rapidly changing technological world.”
Review by: Antonio Spadaro, SJ - September 5, 2018
“If technology is changing the way we think and how we live, is it not also changing our way of thinking about and experiencing faith? Douglas Estes’s Braving the Future is a must-read. We desperately need to better understand the profound significance of technology today from a theological point of view. In his book, Estes asks, Is there an undeniable, profound, and radical connection between technology and spirituality? The answer to this question is crucial for our future.”
Review by: Tim Hutchings - September 5, 2018
“In Braving the Future, Douglas Estes takes us on a journey from today’s pop culture and into the exciting, alarming possibilities of tomorrow. This book calls for new conversations about the theological implications of a future filled with artificial intelligence, drones, robots, virtual reality, and more. Estes deftly weaves together biblical insight and Christian theology with a critical perspective on technology, and he uses these future visions to ask big questions about what it means to be human today.”
Review by: Joshua Farris - September 5, 2018
“Tackling the issues surrounding transhumanism in our age of technology is no small task. So much about the transhumanist movement is unknown and touches on several anxieties in our cultural discussions on the nature of humans. Entering these murky waters, Douglas Estes offers the Christian community a guide and leads us to think about questions raised from transhumanism in a fresh way, showing us our need for the perfect being—namely, the God of Christian theism.”
Review by: Christopher Benek - September 5, 2018
“Douglas Estes’s Braving the Future is so greatly needed because it provides a theological entryway into the technological world in which we live. The issues Estes addresses are no longer confined to the musings of science fiction, and the thoughtful, innovative work presented in this volume allows Christians to consider what it means to participate fully in the redemptive purposes of Jesus. Braving the Future is a pioneering new step in humanity’s comprehension of what it means to be stewards, caretakers, and co-creators with God in our ever-transforming technological world.”
Review by: Chris Bruno - September 5, 2018
“How should Christians live in a world of seemingly unceasing technological advances? I’m not always excited about the impact that these technologies have on the home and the church. This is why I’m grateful for Braving the Future. Douglas Estes gives us an optimistic picture of how technology, while not without its challenges, could advance God’s kingdom and the enjoyment of God’s good gifts. Even if you don’t agree with all his conclusions, this book is a helpful and clear conversation partner as we brave the future with confidence in God.”
Review by: Todd Wilson - July 19, 2018
“Douglas Estes has distinguished himself as not only a top-rate exegete of Scripture but also a cutting-edge exegete of culture. Braving the Future offers penetrating insights into what Scripture has to say about work, creation, and personhood as well as faithful analysis of our tech-saturated world. We can rely on Estes to guide us toward Christian fidelity in the face of unprecedented technological changes.”

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