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Buffalo Shout, Salmon Cry

Conversations on Creation, Land Justice, and Life Together
Buffalo Shout, Salmon Cry

Edited by: Steve Heinrichs
Product Code: 9689
ISBN: 9780836196894
Pages: 362
Binding Information: Paperback / softback
Size: 8.50 x 5.50 inches

Publication Date: 6/19/2013

Paperback / softback
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How can North Americans come to terms with the lamentable clash between indigenous and settler cultures, faiths, and attitudes toward creation? Showcasing a variety of voices—both traditional and Christian, native and non-native—Buffalo Shout, Salmon Cry offers up alternative histories, radical theologies, and poetic, life-giving memories that can unsettle our souls and work toward reconciliation.

This book is intended for all who are interested in healing historical wounds of racism, stolen land, and cultural exploitation. Essays on land use, creation, history, and faith appear among poems and reflections by people across ethnic and religious divides. The writers do not always agree—in fact, some are bound to raise readers&rsqup; defenses. But they represent the hard truths that we must hear before reconciliation can come.

Many who read Buffalo Shout, Salmon Cry are wondering, “How can I respond?” Paths for Peacemaking with Host Peoples is a short document intended to give people tangible ways to act and respond to some of the things learned in Buffalo Shout, Salmon Cry. Click here to download.

Free downloadable study guide available here.

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"There is no cheap grace available in these pages, but there is great encouragement to move ourselves toward the deepest, most demanding places of hope in our mutual search for a truly just and compassionate life together with all creation. Every participant in these "conversations" urges us to take all the great, imperative risks of spiritual and intellectual growth, insisting on our deepest truths as our guide."
—Vincent Harding, veteran activist and scholar, Illif School of Theology

"Superb! For centuries our misunderstandings and conflicts have accumulated . . . In this book the issues are opened, offering information, insights, and resolutions that amaze our usual thinking. Read it carefully, with a prayer for understanding."
—Rudy Wiebe, novelist, coauthor with Yvonne Johnson of Stolen Life: The Journey of a Cree Woman

"This invaluable collection calls us to decolonize theology and interrogate how the logics of settler colonialism have infused Christianity. At the same time, it refuses the temptation to replace one metanarrative with another."
—Andrea Smith, author of Native Americans and the Christian Right

"Steve Heinrichs has edited a courageous and urgent book. The voices that speak here sound from outside the theopolitical, social-economic domination system of our society. The book is an invitation to rethink both policy and attitude. Attention must be paid!"
—Walter Brueggemann, Columbia Theological Seminary

"Literature by people who are Indigenous as well as by others who are of the settler origin (but who understand) is expanding the knowledge and perspectives of the original peoples of our homelands. All truth and justice comes from telling the truth and showing the path to justice."
—Ovide Mercredi, chief of the Misipawistik Cree Nation, Manitoba

"Buffalo Shout, Salmon Cry offers precisely the sort of dialogue essential to the establishment at long last of respectful relations between peoples in this hemisphere. Such conversations are necessary to forging a sustainable relationship between humans and the rest of creation. Steve Heinrichs is to be commended for having assembled this book."
—Ward Churchill, author of Struggle for the Land

"Mind blowing. Once you read the book, you will never look at the world, or your place within it, the same way again. The voices within these covers offer sobering and challenging truths. I am uncomfortably humbled."
—Christine J. Sabas, attorney and advocate with Christian Peacemaker Teams

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