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Bursting The Wineskins (download)

Bursting The Wineskins (download)

Product Code: 9433
ISBN: 9780836194333

Publication Date: 11/1/2001

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Like a good marketer, Jesus was interested in packaging. He knew the radical message of the gospel was too explosive to put in the old package, so he shook things up and demanded that we hear the gospel in a new way. Bursting the Wineskins looks at five of Jesus' mindblowing sermons in Matthew, which to this day, require that we get out of our old skin to look at the world in new ways.

Session 1: May We See Your Credentials, Mr. Christ?
Session 2: Yeah, He Really Did Mean That
Session 3: Count the Cost and Make Some Changes...for Discipleship
Session 4: Run That by Me One More Time
Session 5: Wherever Two or More Are in Conflict
Session 6: Get Ready, Get Set

(Permission is granted to photocopy this material for use in the purchasing congregation. )

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Bursting The Wineskins (download)

Bursting The Wineskins (download)
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