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Chasing the Amish Dream

My Life as a Young Amish Bachelor
Chasing the Amish Dream

By author: Loren Beachy
Product Code: 9907
ISBN: 9780836199079
Pages: 192
Binding Information: Paperback / softback
Size: 8.50 x 5.50 inches

Publication Date: 10/21/2014

Paperback / softback
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Life in author Loren Beachy’s Amish community brims with old-fashioned box socials, smart-alecky students, and pranks involving pink duct tape and black pepper. Meet the young women who manage to be late for church twice in one day and the man who plans to fight drowsiness by jogging beside his horse and buggy. Cheer for Beachy and his cousins in cut-throat baseball games, and join community members as they surround and support a family in their loss. With the witty warmth of small-town storytellers like Garrison Keillor and Jan Karon, Beachy invites readers into his life as a creative, wise, and wisecracking Old Order Amish schoolteacher and auctioneer.

Hear straight from Amish people themselves as they write about their daily lives and deeply rooted faith in the Plainspoken series from Herald Press. Each Plainspoken book includes “A Day in the Life of the Author” and the author’s answers to FAQs about the Amish.

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Author’s Note
One Day in the Life of the Author

Part I: Autumn
1 Late for Church
2 Bouncy Belinda
3 The Defeat of Chipper Chester
4 Box Social
5 A Sister’s Logic
6 A Borrowed Bike and a Wheeled Chair
7 Wet Biking
8 The Gifted Lloyd Yoder
9 Lloyd Yoder Reprise Part

II: Winter
10 If You Get Out of Your Buggy, Get Ready to Run
11 Spelling Bee Jitters
12 Wisecrack Wanda
13 That Gilligan Can Run
14 Auctions and Pranks
15 The Whiteboard Wars
16 The Pen Is Mightier than the Breakfast Burrito
17 The Grand Canyon in Winter
18 The Children of Israel Enter Rural Topeka

Part III: Spring
19 School Visitation
20 Sign Your Notes, Smarty!
21 Wisecrack Wanda’s Slump
22 Mudville Madness
23 The Shellacking
24 Murder Mountain
25 My Friend, the Legend
27 The Brick Landed in Pennsylvania
28 God’s Quilt

Part IV: Summer
29 Windy Willy
30 The Best West Quest
31 Golden Gate Bridge
32 How Do You Play Basketball?
33 Conquering Upper Yosemite Falls
34 Final Legs of the Best West Quest
35 Hay Bales
36 Canoe Chivalry
37 Bucket List

FAQs about the Amish: The Author Answers
The Author

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Review by: Cindy Woodsmall, New York Times and CBA bestselling author - October 1, 2014

“These firsthand accounts of Amish life by Loren Beachy should not be missed! Anyone with an interest in the Amish or in humor will love this unusual rendering by a young and very spirited Amish man. I’m buying my hubby a copy!”

Review by: Philip Gulley, author of the Harmony and Hope series - October 1, 2014

“For years I have harbored a secret desire to join the Amish. Now I can chase my Amish dream through this wonderful book by Loren Beachy. This treasure of a book has taken me into their homes, and them into my heart. What a jewel of a story.”

Review by: Lorilee Craker, author of Money Secrets of the Amish - October 1, 2014

“Loren Beachy is such a charmer! Reading through these delightful stories of life as an Amish bachelor, I felt like I was with Loren at an old-fashioned box social, a farm auction, and all the places and spaces he occupies in his plain community. Jump in the buggy with Loren Beachy and you’ll take to this book like a rabbit to a carrot patch.”

Review by: Donald Kraybill, author of The Riddle of Amish Culture - October 1, 2014

“Beachy’s witty and charming stories capture the joy and delight of Amish life.”

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