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Come Again?

Come Again?

Author: James Benedict
Product Code: 9434
ISBN: 9780836194340
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Publication Date: 4/24/2009

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It's so easy to think of Jesus as the stained glass shepherd with a lamb draped around his neck. But what about the Jesus who claimed he came to bear a sword, not peace? What are we to think of the Jesus who turned away a potential disciple because the would-be follower wanted to attend his father's funeral? Come Again? introduces us to some of the hardest sayings of Jesus and greatly enlarges what we understand about him. No faith is complete without first facing into these troublesome teachings.

Session 1: The Great Divide
Session 2: Look Sharp!
Session 3: Five Steps to Financial Freedom
Session 4: Strike Two!
Session 5: A Grave Choice
Session 6: What's for Supper?

(Permission is granted to photocopy this material for use in the purchasing congregation.)

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