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Fire by Night

Finding God in the Pages of the Old Testament

By author: Melissa Florer-Bixler
Product Code: 80419
ISBN: 9781513804194
Pages: 192
Binding Information: Hardback

Publication Date: 4/9/2019

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What do we do with the Old Testament? How do we read words written in a world so different from ours, stories so ruthless and so filled with grace?

In Fire by Night, pastor Melissa Florer-Bixler invites readers to marvel at the Old Testament. Page after page, in stories and poems and prophecies, the Hebrew Scripture introduces us to a God who is unwieldy and uncontrollable, common and extraordinary, and who brings both life and death. Using stories from Scripture and from her ministry, Florer-Bixler braids together the text with the sometimes ordinary, sometimes radical grace of God. The same passages that confuse and horrify and baffle us can, if we are paying attention, lure us closer toward God. This God has traveled with people through cloud and fire, by day and by night, since the beginning of time.

The Old Testament is a perplexing book of profound grace, hope, and beauty. It’s a book of fire. To read the Old Testament is to draw close to God’s love, which continues to burn away our expectations and set us ablaze. This God has traveled with people through pillars of cloud and fire, by day and by night, since the days of the exodus.

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  • Foreword [to come]
  • Preface Chapter 1: God of Reckoning Chapter
  • 2: God of Birds
  • Chapter 3: God of the Vulnerable
  • Chapter 4: God of Three in One
  • Chapter 5: God of Wonder
  • Chapter 6: God of Darkness
  • Chapter 7: God of Neighbors
  • Chapter 8: God of Victims
  • Chapter 9: God of Memory
  • Chapter 10: God of Wild
  • Chapter 11: God of Friendship
  • Epilogue The Author

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