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Four Gifts

Seeking Self-Care for Heart, Soul, Mind, and Strength
Four Gifts

By author: April Yamasaki   Foreword by: Amy Simpson
Product Code: 80334
ISBN: 9781513803340
Pages: 208
Binding Information: Paperback / softback
Size: 8.00 x 5.25 inches

Publication Date: 8/17/2018

Paperback / softback
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Sarah Bessey's Field Notes Book Club January 2019 Selection

In Four Gifts, pastor and author April Yamasaki addresses these and other questions about self-care. Drawing on the ancient scriptural command to love God with our heart, soul, mind, and strength, Yamasaki helps readers think about the spiritual dimensions of attending to your own needs, setting priorities, and finding true rest in a fast-paced world. She weaves together personal stories, biblical and theological insights, questions for reflection, and practical ideas for self-care. Four Gifts helps readers sustain their spirits and balance competing demands. Feeling overwhelmed by the pace and stress of daily life? Find respite from superficial definitions of self-care and move toward deeper engagement with God.

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Review by: Christena Cleveland - June 29, 2018

“As my sprint for justice has shifted to a marathon for justice, I have learned—sometimes the hard way—that soul care is not an indulgent luxury or a distraction. Rather, it is simultaneously the work of justice and the sustenance that fuels the work. In my soul’s journey into the deeper, darker, and nutritious soil of soul care, I have looked to April Yamasaki as a trusted guide. I read everything she writes! In the Four Gifts, her powerful insights are on brilliant display. With an integrative mind-body-spirit approach and the rich wisdom of a woman of color’s life well spent, Yamasaki leads us on a journey that is worth following.”

Review by: Dorcas Cheng-Tozun - June 29, 2018

Four Gifts is the most thorough and thoughtful exploration of self-care I have ever come across. With wisdom and sensitivity, April Yamasaki lays out the spiritual case for self-care and how to pursue it in harmony with life’s other treasures, including vocation, community, and justice. This wonderful book will show you how proper self-care is not selfish but a healthy component of a mature, humble, and generous life.”

Review by: Amy Simpson - June 29, 2018

“You’re holding a helpful, permission-granting book. In Four Gifts, April Yamasaki will help you find full permission to care for yourself, rooted in the creative design and gracious invitation of our loving God.”

Review by: Gareth Brandt - June 29, 2018

“April Yamasaki lives what she writes about in Four Gifts. The book is full-of-Scripture inspirational, conversation-over-a-cup-of-tea personal, and down-to-earth practical. Any book on self-care that inc

Review by: Chris Maxwell - June 29, 2018

“April Yamasaki’s Four Gifts was just what I needed just when I needed it. Her honest confessions felt like they were coming from a close friend who was teaching me how to rest in this hurried world, to find peace in the now, and to embrace God in each moment. Step aside. Open these pages. In your hurry, seek self-care and let the four gifts become your friends.”

Review by: Charles Aaron - June 29, 2018

“We all need to feed our souls, and April Yamasaki uses the two great commandments as a frame to help us do that. When we love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength, our growth becomes collateral benefit. No ‘self-help’ here, but spiritual nourishment.”

Review by: Palmer Becker - June 29, 2018

“I am touched by April Yamasaki’s intimacy with Scripture, her perceptive self-understanding, and her keen ability to draw practical illustrations and suggestions for self-care from nearly every aspect of life. Many tired and weary pastors, homemakers, and public servants will find abundant practical help through this book.”

Review by: Carol Penner - June 29, 2018

“Here is a book about self-care that is a delight to read. April Yamasaki blends scriptural insights with honest stories from her own life and the lives of other writers. She explores the tension of self-care and self-sacrifice, discipline and flexibility, self-awareness and self-indulgence. She gives practical suggestions for living a compassionate life that includes even ourselves. Reading this book is like having a deep conversation with a faithful friend.”

Review by: Sharla Fritz - June 29, 2018

Four Gifts is a virtual clinic for self-care. April Yamasaki opens the door and gently invites us in to a life of caring for our hearts, minds, bodies, and souls. She reminds us that this clinic is not a destination in itself but a place for renewal that enables us to continue to serve our God and our neighbors. I found myself wanting to revisit this clinic often, both for the encouragement to take the time for self-care and for the valuable tools she has provided to put it into practice.”

Review by: Sharon Hoover

“Amid the busyness of life, we look for ways to connect with God. Four Gifts creates the bridge to ease the journey. April Yamasaki’s experience as a pastor and author forges a book that is eminently practical. Biblical commentary weaves with personal narratives to illustrate strategies for the journey, and end-of-chapter exercises enable immediate application of lessons learned. Four Gifts enables conscious choices to simplify the journey, allowing for significant encounters with God.”

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