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From Risk to Resilience

How Empowering Young Women Can Change Everything
From Risk to Resilience

By author: Jenny Rae Armstrong
Product Code: 80409
ISBN: 9781513804095
Binding Information: Paperback / softback

Publication Date: 7/15/2019

Paperback / softback
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Girls and women are transforming the world. Will the church support them?

Educating women is the most effective way to combat extreme poverty, slash child mortality rates, and build healthy communities. But first a girl must navigate the minefields of childhood and adolescence. Will she get pregnant or finish her education? Will she be trafficked or taught a trade? Will she be abused by authority figures or equipped for leadership?

From Risk to Resilience weaves the stories of young women between the ages of twelve and twenty-one into a tapestry of hope. Author and gender justice advocate Jenny Rae Armstrong illuminates dangers common to women and girls around the world: gender-based violence, child marriage, healthcare gaps, and damaging social attitudes. She also delves into narratives of women in Scripture, examining theologies of oppression that contain and crush women’s potential, and theologies of shalom that lift women up.

Drawing on resources from the gender justice movement and from heroines of the Bible, Armstrong offers a stirring call to action, with practical ways that churches and individuals can help girls around the globe thrive.

Free downloadable study guide available here.

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