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Fully Engaged

Missional Church in an Anabaptist Voice
Fully Engaged

Edited bys: James R. Krabill, Stanley W. Green
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ISBN: 9780836199444
Pages: 368
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Publication Date: 7/1/2015

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Does your church look and sound and feel like mission? Mission happens when congregations fully align themselves with God’s purposes. As the missional church movement matures, Anabaptists bring a time-honored theological tradition, a contemporary spiritual vitality, and practical stories of witness to the conversation. How are churches and individuals living out Christ’s call to engage locally and globally? And how is it changing them in the process?

Featuring the voices of missional Mennonite leaders, Fully Engaged offers stories and analysis about how mission is taking shape in local congregations and contexts. A diverse chorus of Anabaptist pastors and laypeople explores the roots, tools, and applications of the missional movement. From nurturing church planting to creating a missional culture to preaching for missional engagement, Fully Engaged offers insights and ideas for churches looking for direction.

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Foreword [Alan Hirsch]

1. Wilbert Shenk, “Why Missional and Mennonite Should Make Perfect Sense”
2. Lois Barrett, “Introductory Reflections on Missional Church”
3. Stanley Green, “From Preservation to Engagement”
4. Alan Kreider, “Tongue Screws and Testimony”
5. James R. Krabill, “Reconciliation: Why Peace and Mission Are Inseparable”
6. Heidi Rolland Unruh and Ron Sider, “Keeping Good News and Good Works Together”

1. Ervin Stutzman, “Developing and Sustaining the Vision in MCUSA”
2. Eli Soto, “The Purposeful Plan”
3. James R. Krabill, “‘Missional’: The Amazing Adjective That Changes Everything”
4. Tilahun Beyene, “Holy Spirit Empowerment: What MCUSA Can Learn from the Global Faith Family”
5. David Boshart, “Developing a Missional Culture within the Church”
6. Glen Guyton, “Seven Characteristics of Mennonite Urban Churches”
7. Nelson Okanya, “Inspiring the Next Generation for Involvement in God’s Mission”
8. Iris deLeon Hartshorn, “The Changing Face of MCUSA”
9. Nehemiah Chigoji, Sunoko Lin, and Matthew Krabill, “The Impact of Immigrant Churches on MCUSA”

1. Palmer Becker, “What is an Anabaptist Christian?”
2. James R. Krabill, “Does Your Church ‘Smell’ Like Mission?”
3. Michele Hershberger, “Reading the Bible through a Missional Lens”
4. Ervin Stutzman, “The Discipline of Asking, ‘Where is God at Work?’”
5. Stanley Green, “Cultivating a Spirituality that Sustains Missional Engagement”
6. Mauricio Chenlo, “Guidelines for Planting Missional Peace Churches”
7. Marvin Lorenzano, “A Model for Discipling Members of the Body for Ministry Engagement”
8. Eleanor Kreider, “Worship Ideas for Missional Congregations”
9. Isaac Villegas, “Preaching for Missional Engagement”

1. Sara Wenger Shenk and David Miller, “The Role of Theological Education in Developing Missional Consciousness”
2. David W. Shenk, “The Gift Anabaptism Offers to Interfaith Encounters”
3. Andre Gingerich Stoner and Jamie Ross, “What Anabaptists Bring to the Interchurch Table”
4. Sherah-Leigh Gerber, Aaron Kauffman, and Lane Miller: “The Anabaptist Missional Project—Origins and Perspectives”
5. Linford Stutzman, “Cross-Cultural Education as Missional Internship”
6. James Amstutz, “Applying Academic Research to Congregational Realities”

1. Large “Traditional” Congregations
a. South Hutchinson/Journey (KS), Howard Wagler
b. First Mennonite/Newton (KS), Clarence Rempel and Anita Kehr
2. New Church Plants
a. LifeBridge Community Church (OH), Mattie Marie Mast and Chet Miller-Eshleman
b. The Calvary Story (VA), Natalie Francisco
3. District conferences
a. Lancaster Conference, Keith Weaver
b. The ANEC Story, Gay Brunt Miller
4. Multicultural initiatives
a. North Goshen (IN), Mark Schloneger, Izaete Nafziger, and Jerry Wittrig
b. Reedley Mennonite (CA), Juan Montes and Steve Penner
c. Living Water (IL), Sally Schreiner Youngquist and multicultural pastoral team
d. Kingdom Builders/Philadelphia (PA), Leonard Dow and Benny Chrisbanto
e. Lessons to Learn from Latino Mennonite Mega-Churches, Martin Navarro

1. Stuart Murray


This collection of essays, impressive in both depth and scope, is a distinctive contribution to the ongoing ‘missional church’ adventure—an opportunity for the Anabaptist voice to be heard alongside many other conversation partners. There are rich resources here, from experienced missiologists and pioneering practitioners, that are vital for the future of the Mennonite church and the whole of the Christian community. —Stuart Murray, author of The Naked Anabaptist

Fully Engaged is a timely book exploring the critical question of what it means to be a missional church with Anabaptist roots. The honest reflections and testimonies in the book offer tools and snapshots threaded with a deep yearning to recover the true identity and the work of the church.—Hyun Hur and Sue Park-Hur, codirectors of ReconciliAsian

When Jesus stated that ‘as the Father sent me, so I send you,’ he committed all subsequent followers to go in the manner of his own sending: through the twin impulses of mission and incarnation. The so-called quiet in the land need to recover this original and originating way of Jesus in order to be faithful in this generation. This book is a great reminder of the latent potentials embedded into the Anabaptist tradition.—Alan Hirsch, award-winning author of books on missional Christianity and founder of Forge Mission Training Network and Future Travelers

Digging deep into the rich wells of Anabaptist tradition and reflecting on its contributions through the being, doing, and saying of the church in mission, Fully Engaged offers valuable insight and marks a way forward for followers of Jesus inside and far beyond this radical tradition.—Ruth Padilla DeBorst, International Fellowship for Mission as Transformation and Latin American Theological Fellowship

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