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Believers Church Bible Commentary

By author: Willard M Swartley
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ISBN: 9780836196672
Pages: 593
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Publication Date: 3/14/2013

Paperback / softback
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The gospel of John’s “from above” orientation transforms our human “from below” assumptions and habits. It draws us into union with God and into unity with one another. It communicates who Jesus is, in both intimate and profound dimensions. The book of John shapes Christian identity, invigorates worship, and implants eternal hope.

“John’s gospel defies description,” marvels Swartley, professor emeritus at Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary. “It soars like the eagle, links heaven and earth, and both comforts and convicts the human heart. Its Christology is rich, with a plethora of titles for Jesus-even the divine eternal I AM.”

Though commentaries on the book of John abound, this volume follows the unique Believers Church Bible Commentary Series format, providing sections on The Text in Biblical Context and The Text in the Life of the Church. According to Swartley, this format serves well “the interests of seminary as well as other graduate students, and pastors especially.”

Volume 26 in the Believers Church Bible Commentary series.

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This commentary embodies the qualities of the Fourth Gospel itself: luminous clarity combined with theological depth. Especially noteworthy is Swartley’s emphasis on the ethics of the gospel and its message of peaceful community formation.Richard B. Hays, dean, Duke Divinity School

Swartley provides access to a rich storehouse of insights gained through his expansive reading of Johannine scholarship and experience in the global church. His strong narrative voice makes this commentary coherent to a broad audience, and a pleasure to read.Jo-Ann A. Brant, professor of Bible, Goshen College

Working on historical, literary, theological, pastoral, and spiritual levels, Willard Swartley has produced a remarkably fine, reader-friendly commentary on John’s Gospel for our times.Rekha M. Chennattu, professor of New Testament, Pontifical Institute of Philosophy and Religion, Pune, India

Willard Swartley helps us to meet Jesus anew and to experience more fully his light, life, and love. How? By responding to his radical call to mission, discipleship, and peacemaking: ‘As the Father has sent me, so I send you.’Todd Friesen, pastor, Lombard (Illinois) Mennonite Church

Swartley traces the implications of John not only for history and theology but for ethics, discipleship, worship, preaching, mission, and peacemaking. He connects John with the difficulties of believing and following Jesus in a world where disciples may not find welcome, and where Christians must engage respectfully in dialogue with others.<.q> David Rensberger, author of Johannine Faith and Liberating Community

This commentary is notable for its hermeneutical responsibility, elucidating the gospel’s bearing on many a vital issue in the life of the church today and firmly grasping such nettles as the gospel’s vituperative attacks on ‘the Jews.’—Richard Bauckham, emeritus professor of New Testament studies, University of St. Andrews, Scotland

Willard Swartley offers a balanced and highly readable study of John’s Gospel, drawing on a range of interpretive traditions and methods. While the focus is pastoral, there is sufficient discussion of the text, and bibliographic notes, to alert readers to alternative views and the complexities of the text.Mary L. Coloe, associate professor of New Testament, Australian Catholic University

Addressing thoughtfully the Johannine riddles, this commentary makes John’s text come alive for expert and novice readers alike—a feature that distinguishes the Believers Church Bible Commentary series among other fine works available today.Paul N. Anderson, professor of biblical and Quaker studies, George Fox University

SKU:  9567
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