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Love Undocumented

Risking Trust in a Fearful World
Love Undocumented

By author: Sarah Quezada   Foreword by: Alexia Salvatierra
Product Code: 80307
ISBN: 9781513803074
Pages: 208
Binding Information: Paperback / softback
Size: 8.50 x 5.50 inches

Publication Date: 12/21/2017

Paperback / softback
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Will you beware or be welcoming?

As a young Christian, Sarah Quezada had a heart for social justice. She was also blissfully unaware of the real situations facing today's immigrants. Until she met someone new. . . who happened to be undocumented. In Love Undocumented, Quezada takes readers on a journey deep into the world of the U.S. immigration system. Follow her as she walks alongside her new friend, meets with lawyers, stands at the U.S.–Mexico border, and visits immigrants in detention centers. With wisdom from Scripture, research, and these experiences, Quezada explores God’s call to welcome the stranger and invites Christians to consider how to live faithfully in the world of closed doors and high fences.

Is it possible to abandon fear and cultivate authentic relationships with new arrivals?

What if hospitality to immigrant and refugee neighbors puts us at personal risk?

How can churches create safe spaces for those living at the precarious edge of our society?

With Quezada as your guide, discover a subversive Savior who never knew a stranger. Get to know the God of the Bible, whose love and grace cross all borders. Respond to an invitation to turn away from fear and enter a bigger story.

Free downloadable study guide available here.

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Review by: Jeanette Salguero - November 21, 2017
“Love Undocumented powerfully walks us through the tragedy and triumph of the immigrant saga. Beyond facile or partisan platitudes, Sarah Quezada’s story is a masterful and moving invitation to love our neighbors and to the power of human solidarity. Having read it, you will become richer.”
Review by: Noel Castellanos - November 21, 2017
“I am so grateful for Sarah Quezada’s book and the way her story helps us to enter into the trauma that millions of undocumented men and women experience, trapped in our nation’s broken immigration system. This book is a gift to every Christ-follower who is struggling to understand this complex issue from the vantage point of our faith.”
Review by: Ken Wytsma - November 21, 2017
“Honest and vulnerable, Love Undocumented is an invaluable resource for introducing and adding to our collective knowledge on the U.S. immigration system and how Christians should think about and engage it.”
Review: Publishers Weekly - November 20, 2017
“A probing and personal debut [that] builds a compelling case for Christians to welcome immigrants.”
Review by: Alexia Salvatierra, founder of Faith-Rooted Organizing Network and coauthor of Faith-Rooted Organizing - November 1, 2017
“If every believer read Love Documented, the Spirit of God might move through our churches like a mighty wind.”
Review by: Eugene Cho, senior pastor of Quest Church and author of Overrated - October 26, 2017
“Not many topics are more charged in today’s world than the topic of immigration—not just in the larger culture but also in the church. In this climate, Sarah Quezada has written Love Undocumented: a poignant, honest, and nuanced account of her journey into the complex but real stories of immigration. This is a book that invites you into the story and ultimately, into the heart of God. Stop shouting for a moment and read this book!”
Review by: Daniel Hodge, author of Homeland Insecurity and Hip Hop’s Hostile Gospel - October 26, 2017
“In Love Undocumented, Sarah Quezada has given us a much-needed narrative combined with great knowledge of the issues surrounding immigration. Blending story and factual data, Quezada places humanity back into this heated debate of immigration. I highly recommend this book.”
Review by: Osheta Moore, author of Shalom Sistas - October 26, 2017
“I have not anticipated a book as much as I have Love Undocumented. Within these pages, you’ll meet Sarah Quezada, a leader whose passion for bridge-building is evident in every story, every fact, every call to action. Both winsome and wise, this is the book we need right now.”
Review by: Shane Claiborne, speaker, author, and activist - October 26, 2017
“Sarah Quezada has written a masterpiece. Quezada dives into the biblical basis for our concern for immigrants, reminding us that we have a God of radical hospitality and liberation and that we worship a Savior who was a displaced Galilean. But perhaps the most important thing Quezada does is make this ‘issue’ personal. Quezada puts a name and face on who our neighbor really is.”
Review by: Anton Flores-Maisonet, cofounder of Casa Alterna and El Refugio - October 26, 2017
“At Casa Alterna, our motto is ‘love crosses borders.’ After years of friendship with Sarah and Billy Quezada, I have witnessed this to be true of their marriage. Love Undocumented is a hopeful gift to a world tempted to build walls of fear and mistrust.”
Review by: Michelle Warren, advocacy and strategic engagement director of Christian Community Development Association and author of The Power of Proximity - October 26, 2017
“Weaving personal story, biblical principles, and informed facts around immigration, Love Undocumented gives voice to the injustice facing undocumented immigrants and their families, further compelling us to move beyond our fear toward building transforming relationships.”
Review by: M. Daniel Carroll R., author of Christians at the Border and Blanchard Professor of Old Testament, Wheaton College - October 26, 2017
“Love Undocumented is a journal of accompaniment into the confusing labyrinth that is the life of undocumented immigrants. We need books like this to remind us that migration is about people, about family, about life together.”
Review by: Shawn Casselberry, executive director, Mission Year, coauthor of Soul Force - September 26, 2017
“Love Undocumented is a beautifully written book about what happens when a political issue becomes intimately personal. Sarah Quezada reminds us that immigration involves real people with real stories and that everything changes when we enter into deep relationships with them.”
Review by: Jeff Shinabarger, founder of Plywood People and author of More or Less - September 26, 2017
“If you believe that you should love your neighbor, read this book. Sarah Quezada has a life story of living love and will give you the chance to see a greater view of your neighbor in today’s world.”
Review by: Juan Martinez, professor of Hispanic studies and pastoral leadership, Fuller Theological Seminary - September 26, 2017
“Sarah Quezada invites us into the complex and convoluted world of U.S. immigration laws through her life experience and through a solid biblical and theological interpretation of God’s love and care for foreigners and migrants. Quezada’s challenge to trust God and immigrants is particularly timely.”
Review by: Bob Lupton, author of Toxic Charity and founder of FCS Urban Ministries - September 26, 2017
“Love Undocumented is a poignant and highly revealing account of a journey into the perplexing, ethically conflicted, heartrending world of undocumented immigrants. A winsome and convicting work.”
Review by: Leroy Barber, The Voices Project - September 26, 2017
“Love Undocumented is a wonderful story that will capture your imagination. Sarah Quezada is a gifted storyteller who has us laughing one minute, crying the next, and then wincing from punch-in-the-gut analysis. You will be delighted by the story and convicted by the message.”
Review by: Matthew Soerens, author of Seeking Refuge and Welcoming the Stranger and U.S. church training specialist for World Relief - July 1, 2017
“Love Undocumented will have you alternating between laughter and tears. Both personal and profound, this deftly written book will both entertain you and move you closer to God's heart for the immigrant.”
Review by: D. Mayfield, author of Assimilate or Go Home: Notes from a Failed Missionary on Rediscovering Faith - July 1, 2017
“Immigration is a hot-button topic but one that is rarely addressed in thoughtful, nuanced, dignifying ways by the people who are most affected by this issue. I am incredibly impatient for Love Undocumented to be published, so I can give it to everyone I know.”
Review by: Shannan Martin, author of Falling Free: Rescued from the Life I Always Wanted - July 1, 2017
“In Love Undocumented, Sarah Quezada peels back the curtain on complex immigration issues and those trapped within them. At a time when division reigns, Sarah offers an invitation to walk in solidarity and kinship with our immigrant neighbor.”
Review: Publishers Weekly - January 1, 2017
Journalist Quezada wrestles with the Christian response to immigration in her probing and personal debut. The backbone of the book is her story of moving to a largely immigrant community in downtown Los Angeles and her cross-cultural courtship with Billy, an immigrant with a visa problem who eventually achieved full citizenship. Throughout her telling of Billy’s story, Quezada examines the religious basis of biblical truths and the shifting legal sands that immigrants must wander as they live and work in legal limbo. She details both state and federal legislation (including actions by the Trump administration through mid-2017) as she builds a compelling case for Christians to welcome immigrants. She calls on the church to educate their congregations and address the uncomfortable question: “What will we do if Christlike behavior becomes criminalized?” Quezada also examines instances where Christians have responded to the needs of undocumented workers, concentrating on the New Sanctuary Movement and El Refugio, a ministry to detainees and their families. Quezada challenges readers to overcome barriers and welcome strangers, regardless of their immigration status.

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