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Meditations for New Mother, New Edition

Meditations for New Mother, New Edition

By author: Helen Good Brenneman
Product Code: 3399a
ISBN: 9780836133998
Pages: 140
Binding Information: Paperback / softback
Size: 8.00 x 5.00 inches

Publication Date: 1/15/2015

Paperback / softback
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These uplifting and thoughtful meditations speak to the heart of new mothers, bringing much-needed refreshment and spiritual insight as new moms walk with God through the wondrous and tiring days of early motherhood. Meditations for the New Mother draws on scripture and biblical stories, helping mothers see their innocent, dependent baby as God’s. Author Helen Good Brenneman gently guides new mothers toward God’s presence as they nurture and guide their children with love and affection.

While the covers have been updated, the interior content purposely retains the original language and beautiful sentiments of the original authors.

This series will appeal especially to traditional parents and mothers with a strong faith background who endeavor to raise their families in positive ways.

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Author’s Preface


FIRST DAY, The Fruit of Your Womb

SECOND DAY, Hannah’s Song

THIRD DAY, The Birth of Our Lord

FOURTH DAY, Mary’s Song

FIFTH DAY, Elizabeth’s Preparation

SIXTH DAY, Jochebed’s Privilege


EIGHTH DAY, An Even Greater Joy

NINTH DAY, The Perfect Gift

TENTH DAY, A Psalm of Thanksgiving


ELEVENTH DAY, As a Little Child

TWELFTH DAY, The Child and the Christ

THIRTEENTH DAY, The Child Teaches Us Humility

FOURTEENTH DAY, The Child Teaches Us Trust

FIFTEENTH DAY, The Child Teaches Us the Love of God

SIXTEENTH DAY, The Child, Our Imitator

SEVENTEENTH DAY, The Child, Our Challenge to Pure Living

EIGHTEENTH DAY, The Child, Preserver of Life Values

NINETEENTH DAY, The Child, an Individual

TWENTIETH DAY, The Child, Our Trust


TWENTY-FIRST DAY, Dedicating and Educating

TWENTY-SECOND DAY, Our Child’s Physical Care

TWENTY-THIRD DAY, Our Child’s Emotional Care

TWENTY-FOURTH DAY, Our Child’s Intellectual Care

TWENTY-FIFTH DAY, Our Child’s Spiritual Care

TWENTY-SIXTH DAY, Watching Our Child Grow

TWENTY-SEVENTH DAY, Wisdom for Today

TWENTY-EIGHTH DAY, Strength for Today

TWENTY-NINTH DAY, Courage for Today

THIRTIETH DAY, The Rewards of Motherhood

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Review by: Kevin Leman, author of Have a Happy Family by Friday - January 15, 2015

“This classic Meditations series has already spoken to millions of readers, helping parents prayerfully welcome children into their lives.”

Review by: Deborah Starbuck, reader - January 15, 2015

“A classic. I read it in 1986 when my daughter was born, and I recommend it for new moms today.”

Review by: Rachel Gerber, author of Ordinary Miracles - January 15, 2015

“Strength for the soul and joy for the journey as new mothers embark on this parenting adventure.”

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