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Meeting Our Multifaith Neighbors

Meeting Our Multifaith Neighbors

By author: Brice H Balmer
Product Code: 9339
ISBN: 9780836193398
Pages: 196
Binding Information: Paper
Size: 8.25 x 5.25 inches

Publication Date: 8/3/2006

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Missional churches continually engage neighbors of different faiths, whether across the street or across the world. Meeting Our Multifaith Neighbors addresses some of the key issues for North American Christians who endeavor to be respectful of other religions as they share their own faith.

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"Balmer uses personal stories of the ecumenical experiences in the multifaith community where he works. He cites biblical injunctions to build bridges to our neighbors of multifaith backgrounds. He supplies exhaustive information from cultural practice and religious observance to break down stereotypes between people of various faiths who now share the same space. Balmer's plea cannot be timelier." —Stanley W. Green, in the Afterword

"Immigrants from around the world are changing the religious and cultural landscape of North America. Brice Balmer's book is a wise, practical and caring guide for those seeking to relate to their new neighbors. Drawing upon his own experience and the Christian virtues of hospitality and welcoming strangers Balmer's book helps navigate this new reality." —M. Darrol Bryant, author of Religion in a New Key

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