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Mennonite Girls Can Cook

Mennonite Girls Can Cook

By author: Lovella Schellenberg
Product Code: 9553
ISBN: 9780836195538
Binding Information: Hardback
Size: 10.00 x 8.00 inches

Publication Date: 4/15/2011

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Mennonite Girls Can Cook is a blog about recipes, hospitality, relationships, encouragement and helping the hungry—and now it’s a book, too!

Like the blog, Mennonite Girls Can Cook—the book—is about more than just recipes. It’s about hospitality, versus entertaining; about blessing, versus impressing. It’s about taking God’s Bounty and co-creating the goodness from God’s creation into something that can bless family and friends, and help sustain health and energy.

“No matter which way you look at it, wonderful things happen when people are given the opportunity to gather around the table—a chance to nurture and build relationships, fellowship and encourage one another and create a place of refuge for those who have had a stressful day.”—Charlotte Penner, Mennonite Girls Can Cook

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Click here to read an interview with blog founder Lovella Schellenberg about the origin and goals of Mennonite Girls Can Cook.

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Review by: Monica Tenney, Congregational Libraries Today, publication of Church and Synagogue Library Association - November 1, 2011

"You Mennonite girls sure can cook," Lovella Schellenberg has been told. She and nine friends prove it in this beautiful cookbook. Most of the authors first met on the internet, sharing recipes and stories. All but one lives in western Canada. Recipes reflect their heritage as Mennonites who German forebears fled to Russia to escape persecution. Inspired by Christ "to share the joy of hospitality," they wrote their cookbook to honor the women who taught them to delight in cooking and serving.

Dishes are hearty, but many are health-conscious. Instructions are clear, with amounts given in both conventional measure and metric weights. One of the authors, Julie Klassen, has celiac disease; she contributes gluten-free recipes.

The recipes are tempting, but the presentation and the extras make this book a standout. Many of the photographs are stunning in their beauty. Every recipe is accompanied by a brief comment from the contributor and at least one color photo. Each author takes a page to tell her own story, so readers get to know the women behind the recipes. They add "Bread for the Journey," periodic pages with scripture and reflection. Color photos adorn even the glossary and index.

Proceeds are being donated to feed hungry children. Enthusiastically recommended for church libraries.
--Monica Tenney

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