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The Varieties and Shortcomings of Religious Pacifism

Series: John Howard Yoder Series
By author: John Howard Yoder
Product Code: 3586
ISBN: 9780836135862
Pages: 306
Binding Information: Paper
Size: 7.63 x 5.19 inches

Publication Date: 4/10/1992

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John Howard Yoder’s classic book first published in 1971, includes a treatment of Jewish pacifism, bibliographies, an index, and three new appendixes: Speaking Truth to Power, Quaker Political Witness; The Spectrum of Nonpacifist Postures; and Nonviolent National Defense Alternatives. Yoder points out assumptions, strengths, and shortcomings of each pacifist position. He brings clarity to the many-sided conversations about peace, nonviolence, war, proliferation of arms, and power politics.

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"Yoder's Nevertheless has served me well as a reminder of the diverse forms religious pacifism has taken and as an insightful critical exploration of what makes each kind of pacifism distinctive. These differences are not simply taxonomical; not recognizing them often causes misunderstanding and misrepresentation. This new edition... is a worthy new rendering of an old standard." —James T. Johnson, Rutgers—The State University

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