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Plain and Amish

An Alternative to Modern Pessimism
Plain and Amish

By author: Bernd G. Längin
Product Code: 3665
ISBN: 9780836136654
Pages: 416
Binding Information: Paper

Publication Date: 6/10/1994

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Bernd G. Längin combines sketches of Amish origins with his experiences from months of living with an Amish family in Indiana. Langin is able to explain many aspects of Amish life because of his grasp of their Swiss-German language and their European customs. Includes a 32-page color photo section.

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"Bernd G. Längin has been among us off and on for many years; has attended our church services, weddings, singings, and social gatherings; and has interviewed many of my close friends and also myself. Statements and information contained in this book are as accurate, true, and real as you will find anywhere." —Chris Graber, Member and Servant of the Old Order Amish, Grabill, Indiana

"A lesson from the past as well as an eyewitness account of the present. Describes the everyday life of radical Christians whose existence is an exemplary answer to the cultural pessimism of our century." —Heilbronner Stimme, Heilbronn, Germany

Tobias of the Amish
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ProdMkt ProductForm: Paperback / softback

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