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Power and Practices

Engaging the Work of John Howard Yoder
Power and Practices

Edited bys: Jeremy M Bergen, Anthony G Siegrist
Product Code: 9447
ISBN: 9780836194470
Pages: 188
Binding Information: Paper

Publication Date: 8/18/2009

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A new generation engages the theology of John Howard Yoder. These essays wrestle with questions of power and its implications for social practices including policing, nonviolence, sexism, governmentality, dialogue, political critique, theological construction, and the work of “inheriting” a theological tradition.

The authors and their approaches to Yoder’s work are diverse. They bring a wide array of backgrounds to the task, from activism and church leadership to advanced studies and the professorate. What each has in common is an instinct to place Yoder’s work into new conversations and to examine it through new lenses.

Authors include Chris K. Huebner, Nekeisha Alexis-Baker, Paul Martens, John C. Nugent, and Paul C. Heidebrecht.

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"This impressive collection of essays, first presented at a 2007 conference on the work of the late theologian, demonstrates Yoder’s continuing influence on a new generation of scholars. Contributor C. Huebner characterizes Yoder’s theology as a healthy tension between ongoing inheritance and evolutionary receptivity of one’s tradition. Throughout a lengthy career, Yoder did not transfer straightforward theology, but responded to societal surprises and ethical difficulties by engaging inherent Anabaptist values. While he remained true to his roots, Yoder longed for authentic receptivity to Jesus’ ministry and message for every Anabaptist (and Christian) generation. Now, more than a decade after Yoder’s death, young scholars wrestle with Yoderian theology in search of fresh yet enduring practices. Essayists review and assess Yoder’s views on scholasticism, political engagement, sexism, racism, ecclesiology, social gospel, policing, and war. But take note: This is no simple endorsement of Yoder’s life work. On the contrary, sympathetic contributors seek not only to embrace, but to challenge and enlarge Yoderian application. For example, what does one make of Yoder’s nonviolent Jesus in light of an apparently violent God? How might Yoder speak to growing discussions concerning Christian participation in 'just policing?' Is Yoder’s concept of revolutionary subordination relevant to Christians in complex governmental systems or women in oppressive contexts? Yoder surely ranks among the most influential theological practitioners of the twentieth century and will remain a critical dialogue partner for years to come. Here, readers will find substantial evidence that the conversation between Yoder and contemporary theologians is alive and well."
--Religious Studies Review

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