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Rachel, A Hutterite Girl

Rachel, A Hutterite Girl

By author: Rachel Maendel
Product Code: 9119
ISBN: 9780836191196
Pages: 48
Binding Information: Paper
Size: 10.00 x 8.00 inches

Publication Date: 10/8/1999

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"What do you girls have in your aprons?" Aunt Susie asked.

"Eggs!" they said, proudly.

Rachel and her cousin, growing up on a Hutterite farm colony, find goose eggs hidden in the rushes by the river. Rachel borrows a "broody hen" from the colony’s chicken barn, and her father helps her build a nest box. When the eggs finally hatch, everyone laughs to see the big geese following the little "mama" hen. But the geese are always getting in trouble. One morning the worst happens, and Rachel finds them dead. But wait! Are they really gone? There’s a surprise twist to the end of the story.

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