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Radical Jesus

A Graphic History of Faith
Radical Jesus

Edited by: Paul Buhle   Illustrated bys: Sabrina Jones, Gary Dumm, Nick Thorkelson
Product Code: 9621
ISBN: 9780836196214
Pages: 128
Binding Information: Paperback / softback
Size: 11.00 x 8.50 inches

Publication Date: 10/31/2013

Paperback / softback
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A compelling, graphical rendition, Radical Jesus tells the story of Jesus and his social message, not just in his own time, but also through the Radical Reformation, recent centuries, and our own time.

Featuring illustration by industry standouts Sabrina Jones, Gary Dumm, and Nick Thorkelson, Radical Jesus offers a fresh and inspiring look at basic Christian concepts and social justice themes from the life of Jesus onward. Readers will be drawn into stories from scripture, the Radical Reformation, and peacemaking efforts today in Iraq and Colombia, among others.

Free downloadable study guide available here.

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Review by: Tom Hayden, author of The Lost Gospel of the Earth - August 15, 2013

“More important than the Dead Sea Scrolls.”

Review by: Lance Tooks, co-editor of African-American Graphic Classics, author of Narcissa - August 15, 2013

“The greatest radical story ever told! Read this graphic novel and spite the devil!”

Review by: Barbara Melosh, urban Lutheran pastor, Wilmington, Delaware - August 15, 2013

“Dramatizes faith in action, from the ministry of Jesus to contemporary social movements. Richly informative and beautifully drawn.”

Review by: Peter Kuper, author, artist, Spy vs. Spy - August 15, 2013

“The artists and writers of this collected history have planted a seed that blossoms on every page.”

Review by: Aiden Enns, editor, Geez magazine - August 15, 2013

“I’ve been waiting for a book like this: it connects the dots between the words of Jesus and the struggle for justice here and now.”

Review by: Donna Schaper, senior minister, Judson Memorial Church, New York City - August 15, 2013

“A powerful, open antidote to the dead ends of late capitalism: growing inequality, permanent war, and savage attacks on the poor and vulnerable.”

Review by: Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove, author of Strangers at My Door - August 15, 2013

“The powers that be prefer a Jesus who sits in paintings with peaceful lambs, reassuring us that there’s life after death. Radical Jesus shows us a life that challenges death here and now.”

Review by: Milton Knight, veteran Hollywood illustrator - August 15, 2013

“A dynamic, enlightening history of faith.”

Review by: Mark Van Steenwyk, founder of the Mennonite Worker and author of the unKingdom of God - August 15, 2013

“Brings the provocative message of Christ to life, revealing a Jesus who not only died for our sins, but showed us a subversive way to live.”

Review by: David Swartz, author of Moral Minority - August 15, 2013

“The evocative images depict the agonies and joys of radical Christian discipleship. [Jesus’] moral vision points us away from violence and passivity toward a third way of radical love for the other.”

Review by: Sean Sagan, PhD. candidate studying visual media and new religious movements, University of California - August 15, 2013

“An engaging, entertaining, and thought-provoking entrance into the social gospel.”

Review by: Kent Worcester, professor of political theory, Marymount Manhattan College - August 15, 2013

“A moving example of how comics can do much more than dazzle readers with colorful fisticuffs. Readers of all ages will find themselves enthralled.”

Review by: Rabbi Arthur Waskow, author, Godwrestling-Round 2 - August 15, 2013

“In every generation, amongst every people, some arise who breathe aloud the truth that comes through the Holy Breathing-Spirit of all life. Radicals are those who nourish that root. We remember them, as this book does, to emulate them.”

Review by: E. Ethelbert Miller, director, African American Resource Center, Howard University - August 15, 2013

“Weaves history and faith into the timeless need for social struggle. Hallelujah!”

Review by: Bill Kauffman, author of Ain't My America and screenwriter of Copperhead - August 15, 2013

“A work of faith, hope, peace, and remembrance, rendering the teachings of Christ and the inspiring works of his followers, especially the Anabaptists, in beautiful language and memorable images.”

Review by: Jeffry Odell Korgen, author of The True Cost of Low Prices and Wage Theft Comics - August 15, 2013

“Beautiful, multistyled graphic treatment of the radical nature of life in Christ.”

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