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Spiritual Restoration from Digital Distraction

By author: Ed Cyzewski   Foreword by: Seth Haines
Product Code: 80635
ISBN: 9781513806358
Binding Information: Paperback / softback

Publication Date: 6/2/2020

Paperback / softback
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Protect your time. Prioritize relationships. Restore your spirit.

Technology teaches us to crave the hum and buzz of activity and the dopamine hit of notifications. Yet social media and technology have shortened our attention spans, disrupted our connections with others, and even muddled our spirituality.

In Reconnect, contemplative author and retreat leader Ed Cyzewski investigates the crisis of attention that is leading to mental health challenges and extending to our souls. Yet the Christian contemplative tradition—deeply rooted in the spiritual traditions and practices of the church—offers a way forward, grinding the gears of this frenetic activity and thinking to an unspectacular halt. For all its benefits and promises, technology trains its users to pursue the exact opposite of contemplative prayer practices every day, claims Cyzewski.

Grounded in current research into the impact of technology, Reconnect helps Christians rewire their technology addictions and train themselves to be present and aware of God rather than tuned into the constant distractions and deceptions of this digital age. When phones go dark and social media feeds stop scrolling, can we step into a deeper stillness and presence with an always present God?

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